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track changes and add comments
easy to recognize, identify who made them and when.
a comment can be inserted anywhere.
protect documents restrict documents, revisions and comments
you can set them as read only document which will permit others to open and view the document.
modify printer settings
many people use default settings and are not aware of additional features.
pause and cancel print jobs
to pause or cancel you use print queue which shows information about documents that are waiting to print.
troubleshoot printing problems
common are: the entire document does not print, doesn't look the same, nothing happens Word stops responding.
prepare documents for electronic distribution
information like this is referred to as metadata-data that describes other data.
send documents via email or fax
you must be connected to a network, and you must have sufficient bandwidth(the speed of data transfer) for transferring the electronic files.
When trackicg changes, insertations are always blue and deletions area always strikethrough
when showing markup for multiple reviewers, you can choose to show revisions for only one of the reviewers.
you can restrict formatting changes for a portion of a document.
adding comments to a document allows reviewers to provide feedback and express opinions without changing the content of the document.
an easy way to restrict access to a file is to assign a password.
Duplex printing is...
c. a special printer feature for automatically printing on both sides of the page.
. is invisible data in the document that describes other data
when a document is encrypted...
the user must enter a password to open the document
if you don't want others to make changes in your document, you should save the document as...
a read-only document, XPS, PDF
can be viewed in a balloon on the margin or in the reviewing pane.
deletions, insertions, and comments
the ........ shows information about documents that are waiting to print.
print queue
a(n)...... provides tools for sharing and updating files and keeping colleagues informed about document statue.
document workspace
the revision marks and annotations that appear in a document are referred to as...
............ is a standard method for encoding data.
a digital copy of data, such as a file viewed on a computer's display or shared via e-mail attachment, is referred to as a....