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absolute direction
direction with respect to cardinal east, west, north, and south
absolute distance
shortest-path seperation between two places measured on a standard unit of length
absolute location
exact position of an object or place stated in spatial coordinates
relative ease with which a destination may be reached from other locations
clustering of a phenomenon around a central location
directness of routes linking pairs of places; an indication of the degree of internal connectivity
cultural landscape
natural landscape as modified by human activities and bearing the imprint of a culture
quantity of anything
statement of the amount of spread of a phenomenon over area or around a central location
formal region
region distinguished by a uniformity of one or more characteristics
functional region
region differentiated by what occurs within it rather than by a homogeneity of physical or cultural phenomena
geographic information system
integrated computer programs for handling, processing, and analyzing data specifically referenced to the surface of the earth
increasing interconnection of all parts of the world
mental map
maplike image of an area that a person carries in mind, subjective, personal perceptions and preferences
idealized representation of reality. simplifies real world complexity
natural landscape
physical environment unaffected by human activities
nodal region
region differentiated by what occurs within it rather than by a homogeneity of physical or cultural phenomenon
design or arrangement of phenomena in earth space
perceptual region
region perceived to exist by its inhabitants
systematic method of transferring the glob grid system from the earth's curved surface to the flat surface of a map
any earth area with distinctive and unifying physical or cultural characteristics
regional concept
view that physical and cultural phenomenon
relative direction
culturally based locational reference
ex: far east, middle east
relative distance
transformation of absolute distance into such relative measures as time or monetary costs
relative location
position of a place or activity in relation to other places or actitivities
scale 12;20
ratio between the size of area on a map and the actual size of that same area on the earth's surface
absolute locaiton of a place or activity described by local relief and other physical characteristics
relative location of a place or activity in relation to the physical and cultural characteristics of the larger region that it is a part of
spatial diffusion
spread or movement of a phenomenon over space or through time
spatial distribution
arrangement of things on the earth's surface
uniform region
region distinguished by a uniformity of one or more characteristics that can serve as the basis for a real generalization
spatial system
arrangement and integrated operation of phenomena produced by or responding to spatial processes on the earth's surface
spatial interaction
movement between different places; an indication of interdependence between different geographic locations