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The most important structure in determining the constiutents of the glomerital filtrate is?
Basement Membrane
The following is not true about the bladder

1. three layers of smooth muscle
2. a muscle is called the detrusor muscle
3. Trigone is area marked by the exit of the uriters and entrance of urethra
The internal spincter of the male urethra is between?
Prostate and Bladder
The length of the female urethra is ?
1 1/5 inches
A basic feature of the endocrine system do not include ?
The pineal gland is not one of the following

a. found in epithalamus
b. liberate melotoinin
c. is derived from the diencephlon
d. anterior to thalamus
Excessive secretion of somatotrophs before puberty cause?
What part of the neural tube does the anterior pitutary come from?
The gonadotrophs include
a. TSH
b. ADH
c. Aldosterone
d. FSH + LH
The hypothalamus regulates the anterior piturtary through

a. a direct neural connection
b. releasing hormones into arteries
c. releasing hormones into heptic portal system
d. releasing hormones into hypothalamic hyposeal portal system
WHich of the following does not fit the thyroid gland

a. storage gland
b. follices contain the storage form of TSH
c. follicles are filled with colloid
d. colloid contain T3
The thyroid gland shrinks during pregnancy. T/F
Thyroid does not increase Basal metabollic rate?
Thyroid gland has an isthmus which lies on the

a thyroid cartillage
b 2nd -4th Tracheal Rings
Hypersecretion of TSH causes
Goidtor if individual has iodine definecy
Symptoms of critinism do not include

a. decrease mental and physical ability
b. weight gain
c. decrease of BMR
d. Increase of BMR
D. increase of BMR
Does parathhormone stimulate bone absorption?
Which statement does not suite the adrenal?

a. retroperitoneal
b. we can live without the adrenal cortex without supplements
Adrenal medulla produces?
Epinephrine, noreephinephrie
Which ligament attaches the ovary to the uterus?
Ovarian ligament
Which ligament attaches the ovarian ligament to the fallopian tube?
Mesoalpinx ligament
Which hormone is not related to both ovarian and testicular

a. FSH
b. LH
c. Testosterone
What does the theca interna produce?
Thryoxin has an affect on?
Every cell (even ovaries and testes)
Testes are filled with seminifous tubules that contain germinal epithelium?
1000s of sperm are formed each second throughout life in the adult healthy male.
Testes produce both testosteron and sperm.
What is producing the testosterone?
interstiual cells
Do serotoli cells help form Blood Testes Barrier?
What does the nucleus in the sperm contain?
23 chromsomes
Is the head of the sperm filled with mitochondrial?
What does acrosome do?
contain enzymes to penetrate the ovum
What happens in the epidymis?
maturation of sperm and storage of sperm
How long is the epidiymis?
20 feet
Do sperm also mature in the ducts deferns?
What does ductus deferens participate in?
During vesectomomy the vas degerens can be cut in two in the scrotum?
Most semen comes from the prostate?
False, 60% from seminal vesicles
About how much semen is ejaculated with each ejactulation?
2.5 - 6 ml
The seminial vescile is the most common form of cancer in males over 70?
False, prostate cancer is
The majority of ova is formed in the yold sack before birth, not in the ovary before birth
The myometrium is sluffed off during menstruation?
THe vagina has no glands?
The urethra runs through the clitoris?
What do we called the strucutre that lies over the pubic symphonsis?
Mons Pubis - Contains fat, and acts like a cuhsion
Is estrogen low in concentration before ovulation?
Between ages of 10-50 only about 480 ova reach matruity?
Are RBC only made in the bone marrow?
False (fetal liver)
In females there is no inguinal canal.
The labia minora and labia majora are a part of the vulva
Catechoalamines include te epinephrine and norepinephrine and are found in the adrenal.
Parathhormone has the opposite affect of calcitonin. Calcitonin lowers blood calcium.
What are the channels that leading into the central vein?
Phagocytic Kufer cells are found in the sinosoids?
True (old RBC)
The following is not a function of the liver
1. produces bile
2. phagocyte
3. stores glycogen
4. colisistickyin?
What is a modified capillary?
Which of the following is not true
a. gall bladder stores 50cc of bile
b. bile emulsifies fat
c. gall bladder concentrates bile
d. gall bladder is under left side of liver
In SERCOSIS of the liver, what is correct?
CT replaces hapatocytes
Which of the vitamins is not formed in the liver?
Vit. C
The supeior of the pole of the left kidney is at what level?
Which of the following is not located near the left kidney?
a. left adrenal gland
b. pancreas
c. ascending colon
Ptosis of the kidney refers to?
A drooping kidney, fat is depleted around kidney
Pelvis of the ureter refers to

a. junction of kidney with urethra
b. a collection of collecting ducts
c. expanded portion of the ureter that recieves the major cylosis
Podocytes are lining the visceral wall of the Bowlmann's capsule?
True (not partial wall)
The greatest amount of water in the glomaular filtrate is reabsorbed in?
Aldosterone from the adrenal cortex acts on what to raise the blood pressure?
What structure is in the wall of afferent arteriole that releases renin?
Juxtaglomerular Apparatus
Diabetes insipids refers to?
a passage of an abnormal amount of water in the urine
Where does the ADH act?
Collectin ducts