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What is the term of the agreement?
July 1, 2006 - June 30, 2008
Bulitin Boards
The City shall make space available for a bulletin board in all Fire Department
Buildings. The Union will furnish and maintain the bulletin board. Such space shall be 5 feet
from the floor and at least 4'x 6' in size on an interior wall.
Describe vacation leave accrual.
6months - 5yrs ---12 days
5yrs - 10yrs -----15 days
10yrs - 15yrs ----18 days
15yrs + ----------20 days
How many vacation slots will be granted per shift?
16 vacation slots will be granted per shift. Unscheduled vacation will be granted on a first request, first granted basis.
What is the maximum sick leave accumulation for employees?
56hr shift - 2160hrs
42hr shift - 1512hrs
40hr shift - 1440hrs
What is the sick leave conversion for 56hr shift?
700+hrs - 3:1
1008+hrs - 2:1
1400+hrs - 3:2
What is the sick leave conversion for 42hr shift?
525+hrs - 3:1
756+hrs - 2:1
1050+hrs - 3:2
What is the sick leave conversion for 40hr shift?
500+hrs - 3:1
720+hrs - 2:1
1000+hrs - 3:2
Summerize the uses for emergency leave.
A. Emergency leave may be charged up to 4 days in case of serious illness or injury to the member of the imediate family of the employee.
B. A max of two (24hr) shifts may be used in case of death in the imediate family of the employee. An additional 24hrs may be granted for every 500mi traveled one way from Alb.
How long does an employee have to repay a trade.
180 days from the first shift affected by the trade.
What is the maximum accrual for comp time?
What is the composition of the Health and Safety Committee?
Two members appointed by the Fire Chief, two Union members from the same shift, and the Safety Officer who will be the chairperson for the meetings.
How many members will be appointed to the Rules and Regulations Committee?
The Fire Chief will appoint three members and the Union will appoint three members, from the same shift, with no chairperson. A quorum will consist of four members.
The Labor Management Committee will consist of...
3 people appointed by the Fire Chief and 3 people appointed by the Union President. Both sides my also have an observer.
What are grievances and appeals used for?
Grievances and appeals are formal complaints of employees concerning actions taken by management which result in a loss of pay or seniority, or in written reprimand.
When action is taken against a firefighter which results in loss of pay or seniority, or in a written reprimand, how long does the firefighter have to appeal the decision?
A firefighter who is aggrieved by such action may appeal the decision to the Department Head within ten calendar days of the action being taken.
What is the process for grieving a written reprimand?
-A written reprimand will be appealed to the supervisor of the issuing individual who determined and issued the reprimand. This appeal may be in person or in writing and must occure within ten days after the employee receives and has the opportunity to sign for the reprimand.
-The decision of the supervisor can be appealed to the Deputy Chief of Human Resources. The decision of the Deputy Chief will be final.
-The dicipline will be considered imposed after the final decision of the supervisor. If there is no request for review, the dicipline will be considered imposed after the ten day period passes.
-The Department Director, or his designee within the department, has the sole authority to disipline.
How long will a written reprimand remain in a person's files?
A written reprimand will be purged from all files within 4yrs of the date of the incident, unless any other infraction occurs within the 4yrs. If another infraction occurs within the 4yrs, the reprimand will remain in the file for 5yrs.
If the dicipline results in suspension of 40hrs or less or transfers, what is the grievance process?
Step One- Unless there is a specific request, the parties will not be required to submit grievance or appeals through the City Mediation Program or through the Department Director. If no request for medaition is made, then the employee may initiate a grievance in step two.
Step Two- The employee initiates the gievance by submitting a written grievance to the Department Director or his designee, within 10 days of the date the employee was notified of the dicipline. The written grievance shall contain the employee's name, rank, current assignment, immediate supervisor, date of the incident leading to the dicipline, statement of the grounds for grievance, and relief the employee is requesting.
-Within ten days of the date the grievance is submitted, an Ad Hoc Grievance Committee shall be selected to here the dispute and determine a resolution.
How is the Ad Hoc Grievance Committee selected?
The city and the Union will each select one firefighter senior in rank to the grievant and one firefighter equal in rank to the grievant. These four Committee members will choose a neutral (fifth member), senior in rank to the grievant, or in some cases from an outside agency, who will act as Chair and vote in the event the committee has a tie vote.
Does the Ad Hoc Grievance Committee have to come to an unanimous decision?
No. The committee shall vote on the issues before them and a majority vote shall be required. The decision of the Ad Hoc Grievance Committee is final.
What is the appeal process if the disipline results in suspensions of more than 40hrs, demotion or discharge?
They will be appealed in accordance with the provisions of section 3-1-25 of the Merit System Ordinance.