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Damaging, harmful, injurious, hostile, unfriendly
Inimical (adj)
One of a kind, peerless
Inimitable (adj)
Wickedness, gross injustice
Iniquity (n)
Characterized by wickedness
To supply with nerves, energize
Innervate (v)
Harmless; causing no damage
Innocuous (adj)
Incapable of being discovered or understood, mysterious
Inscrutable (adj)
Unconscious, unresponsieve, unaware, unaffected, numb
Insensible (adj)
Without taste or flavor, lacking in spirit, dull
Insipid (adj)
Unconcerned, carefree, nonchalant
Insouciant (adj)
Parochial, narrow-minded, like an island
Insular (adj)