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To attribute to a cause or source, ascribe, assign as a characteristic
Impute (v)
In an initial stage, not fully formed
Inchoate (adj)
Beginning to come into being or to become apparent
Incipient (adj)
Not easily exhaustible, tireless, dogged
Indefatigable (adj)
Having no interest or concern, apathatic; showing no bias or prejudice
Indifferent (adj)
Lazy, listless, torpid
Indolent (adj)
Certain, inevitable
Ineluctable (adj)
Unmoving, lethargic, sluggish, not reactive chemically
Inert (adj)
Unfortunate; inappropriate
Infelicitous (adj)
Artless, frank and candid, lacking in sophistication
Ingenuous (adj)
Lacking in candor, calculating, duplictous
Ingrained within one's nature, intrinsic, firmly established, essential
Inherent (adj)
To be inherent or innate to something