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Se puso a su lado.
He moved to her side.
She moved to his side.
He moved to his side.
She moved to her side.
Nos pusimos más cerca.
We got closer.
We moved closer.
Se puso en la primera fila.
He got in the front row.
She got in the front row.
He moved to the front row.
She moved to the front row.
Se pone la gorra.
He puts on the cap.
She puts on the cap.
He puts his cap on.
She puts her cap on.
Se puso los calcetines blancos.
He put on the white socks.
She put on the white socks.
Se pusieron las chaquetas.
They put on their jackets.
You guys put on your jackets.
Tiene una camisa roja puesto.
He has a red shirt on.
She has a red shirt on.
Se puso enfermo.
He became ill.
He got sick.
Se puso feliz.
He became happy.
She became happy.
Se puso enojado.
He got mad.
He got angry.
He became angry.
Se puso roja.
She blushed.
Se pusieron celosos.
They became jealous.
You guys became jealous.
Nos pusimos tristes.
We became sad.
Me puse nervioso.
I became nervous.
Te pusiste preocupado.
You got worried.
Se puso a saltar.
He started jumping.
She started jumping.
Se pusieron a hacer la tarea.
They started doing their homework.
You guys started to do your homework.
Se puso a cantar.
He started to sing.
She started to sing.
Nos pusimos a hacer el proyecto.
We started to do our project.
El sol se puso a las ocho.
The sun set at 8.
El sol iba a ponerse enseguida.
The sun was going to set right away.
El sol ha puesto.
The sun has set.
Me puse asustado.
I became scared.
Se puso frustrada.
She became frustrated.
Se pone confundida.
She's getting confused.
She gets confused.
Ustedes se pusieron muy felices.
You guys became very happy.