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Te pusiste de pie.
You stood up.
Se sentó.
He sat down.
She sat down.
Nos pusimos de pie.
We stood up.
¿Se pusieron de pie?
Did they stand up?
Did you guys stand up?
¿Van a sentarse?
Are they going to sit down?
Are you guys going to sit down?
Me senté rápido.
I sat down fast.
¿Se sentará la clase?
Will the class sit down?
La clase va a sentarse despacio.
The class is going to sit down slowly.
La clase nunca se sentó.
The class never sat down.
Nos pondremos de pie.
We will stand up.
Voy a ponerme de pie.
I'm going to stand up.
Cuando se ponía de pie, sonrió.
When he was standing up, he smiled.
Tom y Ana se sentaba.
Tom and Ana were sitting down.
¿Por qué no sentaste?
Why didn't you sit down?
¿Vas a sentarte?
Are you going to sit down?
¿Vamos a sentarnos o ponernos de pie?
Are we going to sit down or stand up?
¿Se sentarán?
Will they sit down?
Will you guys sit down?
Nos sentábamos.
We were sitting down.
Te pondrás de pie.
You will stand up.