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He ate.
She ate.
He smiled.
She smiled.
I cried.
Did they cry?
Did you guys cry?
¿Comieron ustedes?
Did you guys eat?
We smiled.
¿Comerá la clase tacos?
Will the class eat tacos?
La clase va a comer hamburguesas.
The class is going to eat hamburgers.
La clase nunca sonrió.
The class never smiled.
Did I smile?
La clase lloraba y de repente Tom sonrió.
The class was crying and suddenly Tom smiled.
¿Lloras mucho?
Do you cry a lot?
Tom y Ana sonríen mucho.
Tom and Ana smile a lot.
Como poco pizza.
I eat a little bit of pizza.
¿Qué comió la clase?
What did the class eat?
¿Cuántas manzanas comiste?
How many apples did you eat?
¿Sonreíste mucho ayer?
Did you smile much yesterday?
Sonreiré cuando saco una E en la clase de español.
I will smile when I get an E in Spanish.
¿Por qué lloraste?
Why did you cry?