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Who is responsible for maintaining a master database of domain names and IP addresses?
Network Solutions
When a file is sent via email, where is the MIME type specified?
in the header
Are C and C++ interpreted or compiled?
What Class B address range is reserved for internal use?
What is EPS a file format for?
What does CFML stand for?
Cold Fusion Markup Language
Who is responsible for assigning domain names and IP addresses?
What file extension do QuickTime movies use?
What are the three parts of the presentation model?
presentation/workstation; business logic/application; database
Is PERL interpreted or compiled?
What is the modem command for Answer Call?
What is IP spoofing?
modifying packet headers so packets appear to be coming from trusted host
What is a man-in-the-middle attack?
capturing data being transferred across a network
How do AVI's work?
lace several JPEG's together into a quick slideshow
How fast is ATM?
622.08 Mbps
What is the modem command for Hang Up?
What is the modem command for Dial?
What are two common types of DoS attacks?
PING and SYN floods
How does a SYN flood work?
client uses an unavailable IP address so SYN-ACK messages don't reach them
What are two drawbacks to AVI's?
large file size and poor quality of compression
What does XSL stand for?
Extensible Stylesheet Language
What are two examples of CGI programming languages?
What is the advantage of vector file formats?
resulting animations and vidoes are small
What does LDAP stand for?
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
What does JSP stand for?
Java Server Pages
What is BINHex?
an encoding/decoding system for emails & attachments mostly used by Apple
What program can be used to issue modem commands?
What is an interchange?
Where backbones meet and exchange data
What does EPS stand for?
Encapsulated PostScript
What body oversees web communication and HTML standards?
the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
What does WML stand for?
Wireless Markup Language
What is JSP used for?
connecting to databases
What government body is ICANN part of?
the Department of Commerce
What is PHP used for?
integrating databases into websites
What is the modem command for Reset?
What is unique about PHP?
it is free and open-source
What is an MAE?
Metropolitan Area Exchange; where several ISPs exchange traffic