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When does a cookie expire if no expiration is set?
When the browser is closed
What protocol does PING use?
What sort of graphics are TIFF files normally used for?
Why is it important not to use 128-bit encryption on web sites viewed around the world?
most international web browsers only support 40-bit encryption
What is the most common use of TIFF files?
What two languages can be used to set cookies?
HTML and JavaScript
What is the major limitation of the GIF format?
only supports 256 colors
What servers can read a given cookie?
servers in the same domain as the issuing server
What is the maximum number of cookies that can be issued?
20 per domain
What is the most commonly used web server?
How many colors are in a browser-safe palette?
What does a bridge use when deciding whether to forward a packet?
the hardware address
What is the maximum size of a cookie?
4 Kb
What media does OC3 use?
fiber optic
Who created the GIF format?
What Class A address block is reserved for private networks?
What advantage does PNG have over GIF?
better and lossless compression
How fast is T3?
45 Mbps
What limitation does VBscript have?
only works on IE
Why is buying banner space on a search engine the most cost-effective way to market a new web site?
ad is only displayed when relevant keywords are entered
What advantages does PDF have over .TXT or HTML?
much smaller files
What needs to be created in order for a browser to connect to a database?
a Data Source Name (DSN), a unique name to identify database
What drawback does DHTML have?
not compatible with all browsers
What feature of HTTP allows multiple web pages to share an IP address?
host headers
What drawback does PNG have compared to GIF?
not supported by all browsers
What web server must be used for pages utilizing ASP?
How many colors does JPEG support?
16 million
How many DNS servers are required for a network?
2- a primary and a secondary
In what two ways does TFTP differ from FTP?
connectionless; uses UDP
What is the first-octet range for Class E addresses?
What delivery protocol does FTP use?
How fast is OC3?
155 Mbps