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to understand what influences human development and behavior, social workers adopt a multidimensional framework that focuses on the (1) ____________________, ____________________, and ____________________dimensions. These three dimensions comprise a system of (2) ____________________functioning.
(1) biophysical, psychological, social
(2) biopsychosocial
Most developmental psychologists now agree that human development is due to a combination of (3) ____________________ and ____________________factors. Consequently, the current debate in developmental psychology focuses on the relative contributions of these factors and how they (4) ____________________ to produce behavior. Some developmental experts point out that the relative importance of these factors dippers at various points in the lifespan: they suggest that during early stages of development, (5) ____________________predominant, and during late stages of development, (6) ____________________ predominate.
(3) genetic, environmental
(4) interact
(5) genetic factors/heredity
(6) environmental factors
Responding effectively to biological, psychological, and social demands is known as (7) ____________________, and a person's capacity for this can be improved by enhancing his ability to respond and/or by improving or changing his (8) ____________________.
(7) adaptation
(8) environment
Bronfenbrennr's ecological model suggests that development involves interactions between a person and is " content," which has four levels. One of these levels includes a person's immediate environment and relationship at home, school, and work – this level is called the (9) ____________________. Another level is comprised of overarching environmental influences, such as economic conditions and cultural beliefs and practices – this was called the (10) ____________________.
(9) microsystem
(10) macrosystem
In applying the ecosystems perspective to social work, Germain adopted a/and (11) ____________________ view of the person – environment relationship, in which a person and his environment are engaged in constant circular exchanges in which each is reciprocally (12) ____________________. According to ecological theory, stress is either a positive or a negative person – environmental relationship. Stress is negative when there is a discrepancy between an actual or perceived environmental demand and a person's actual or perceived (13) ____________________.
(11) transactional
(12) shaping/influence each other over time
(13) capacity to cope with that
according to Lewin's application of chilled theory to motivational conflicts, when a person is attracted to two equal desirable goals, he is faced with a/an (14) ____________________ conflict.
(14) approach – approach
"Rutter's indicators" are family risk factors considered to be accurate predictors of child psychopathology, and include severe marital discord; overcrowding or large family size; parental criminality; maternal psychopathology; placement of the child outside the home; and low (15) ____________________.
(15) socioeconomic status (SES)