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How is the word theory typically used in the general public?
As a guess

Example: People often refer to an idea and then add, "but that is only my theory."

They are referring to a theory as their idea or their guess.
What is the scientific definition of the word theory?
An explanation for a certain group of facts that is well substantiated by considerable scientific research.

A lot of evidence is necessary to support a theory.
How is the word hypothesis used in science?
As an unsubstantiated, testable, explanation for an observation.

Hypotheses form the basis for further experimentation.

As a proposed answer to questions regarding something that has been observed.
How do most of the general public use the word Hypothesis?
as a guess
What is a fact?
Something that cannot be proven wrong by further experimentation.

For example, we need food(nutrients) to survive.
In science, what is a law?
A phenomenon that occurs the same way over and over again under the same conditions.

For example, Laws of Motion describe how objects move when subjected to certain forces.