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Name the hypothalamus related drugs/hormones of the lecture.

Name the anterior pituitary related drugs/hormones of the lecture.

(S SP M)
Name the posterior pituitary related drugs/hormones of the lecture.
Therapeutic uses of GH preps (4).

(note: Mecasermin is not a GH prep)
1)Short stature due to congenital/acquired GH deficiency (Pituitary dwarfism)
2) GH deficiency in adults.
3) Turner's syndrome (pre puberty)
4) AIDS related muscle wasting
Mecasermin can be used to treat this, and GH preps are ineffective at treating it.
Laron Dwarfism

(GH jak/stat pathway does not work effectively, so you need to give straight up rh IGF-1)
Pegvisomat can be used to treat what? and why (MOA)?
MOA: Pegvisomat is a GH receptor antagonist (so it will IGF-1 levels).
Use: Tx acromegaly (as adjuvant)
Give 1st, 2nd, and 3rd line treatments for acromegaly.
1st line = Octreotide
2nd line, add DA agonist
3rd line, add Pegvisomat.
GH prep adverse effects in children include?
1) Increased intracranial tension
2) Headache
3) Papilledema
4) Scoliosis
5) Diabetes mellitus
GH prep adverse effects in adults include?
1) Periperal edema
2) Arthritis
3) Arthralgia
4) Myalgia
5) Carpal tunnel syndrome
6) Diabetes mellitus
Somatostatin analogs: thereapeutic uses:
1) Acromegaly
2) Prevention of Gigantism
3) Carcinoid syndrome
4) VIPoma, gastrinoma
5) Ruptured esophageal varices
Adverse effects of somatostatin analogs:
1) GI tract problems (abdominal cramps, diarrhea, malabsorption, steatorrhea)
2) Gall stones
3) Vitamin B12 deficiency
4) Cardiovascular problems (sinus bradycardia, conduction disturbances)
Prolactin has suppressing effect on ( ) secretion.
Gonadotropin (aka, decrease LH/FSH resulting in infertility in either sex)

(This can be a problem when you have prolactinemia (likely do to a prolactinoma)).
How would you treat prolactinemia? (what drugs)
Cabergoline (longer acting and probably used more often)
Uses of oxytocin?
1) Induce and augment labor after cervix has ripened
2) Control post-partum hemorrhage
3) Improve milk ejection - nasal oxytocin
MOA of Vasopressin
Agonist at V1 and V2 receptors
V1 = what type of receptor
V2 = what type of receptor
V1 = Gq = vasoconstriction
V2 = Gs = aquaporin inserter (antidiuretic effect)
Uses of Vasopressin
1) Advanced cardiac life support
2) Ruptured esophageal varices
Uses of Desmopressin
1) Neurogenic DI (doc)
2) Von Willibrand Disease and Hemophilia A (PO or IV)
3) Enuresis (bed wetting, use nasal spray)
What drugs would you use to treat SIADH?
What are some broad causes of SIADH? (3)
1) Drug-induced
2) CNS disorder
3) Paraneoplastic syndrome (small cell carcinoma of lung)
Name some drugs that can induce SIADH:
1) Carbamazepine
2) Chlorpropamide
3) vinca alkaloids