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what is the most appropriate test to order for proximal shaft hypospadias?
no test
what is the most appropriate test to order for crytorchidism with hypospadias?
karyotype; intersexuality found in 50% of cases, especially when hypospadias is proximal. exclude CAH
what is the optimal time to repair a dstal shaft hypospadias?
3-18 months (6 months)
What is the most common birth defect in boys?
what is the second most common birth defect in boys?
incidence of hypospadias
1 in 150-300
Do boys with hypospadias have abnormal puberty?
Should boys with hypospadias be evaluated for renal anomalies?
no, kidneys develop earlier than genitalia
Can a distal hypospadias found after circumcision be repaired?
yes, foreskin is not necessary for the repair
What is the most common complication after hypospadias repair?
urethrocutaneous fistula; can be closed 6 months later
difficulty voiding or a very small and forceful stream
stenosis of urethral meatus or stricture of the urethroplasty
ballooning of urethra during voiding
urethral diverticulum
incidence of complications in repair
8% for distal hypospadias; 5-20% for meatus at penoscrotal junction or more proximally
When during gestation does the phallus develop
8-12 weeks
Can a boy with glanular hypospadias undergo circumcision?
not advised