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What is hyperthyroidism?
Excessive secretion of thyroid hormones, caused by autoimmune response, drugs, genetics, pituitary dsyfunction graves disease
What are the S/S of hyperthyroidism?
Hand tremors, irritability, insomnia,^reflexes,blurred vision,hypertension,tachycard.,palpations,nausea,vomiting,ab. pain,wt. loss,fatigue,heat intolerance.
What diagnostic tests?
T3,T4,Thyroid scan with drinking isotope
Nursing care for hyperthyroid
Risk for decreased cardiac output. V/S,Lung sounds
Distrumed sensory perception: visual
Nutrition: less than body reeq.
Disturbed body image
What meds for hyperthyroid?
Thyroid Hormone antagonists
(give w/breakfast,rash,avoid iodine and salt)
Potassium Iodine
(shellfish allergy,bad taste)
Beta blockers
(fight or flight symptoms, bradycardia,arrhythmia,pul. edema,hypotension)
What is hypothyroidism?
Deficency in thyroid hormone, caused by iodine def. living in medwest,n.w., great lakes because of no iodine in lake or soils. 3 types, primary, sec.most common (pitutary gland dysfunctional) Tertiary
S/S of hypothyroidism
confusion,slow speech,slow reflexes,hypotension,bradycardia,edema,hair loss,constipation, wt. gain
Meds for hypothyroidism
thyroid hormone
(watch for hyperthroidism,headaches,diarrhea,chest pain, heat intol., tach.) avoid anticoag., aspirin
Nursing care for hypothyroid
Risk for decreased cardiac output
Risk or ineffective breathing
Risk for altered thoughts
Nutition: more than body req.