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(12)Name Of Test

Hydrolysis Of Gelatin
Medium-Nutrient gelatin
Substrate-gelatin protein polymer
ph ind/Reagents-zero
End product- tre Amino Acids
Positive- +Liquids-P.vulgans +,B.subtilis appearance.

Negative Appearance -Solid line of bacteria (-) ve
(13)Name Of Test

Fermentation Of Carbohydrates
Medium- Sugar Broth
Substrate-CHO e.g SUCROSE
Enzyme/path - Phenol Red
End Product - ATP & Organic Acid & ATP Organice Acid & Co2
Pos Appearance- Yellow (A) (+) Yello w + gas
bubble +

Neg - Red (-) (B) No fermentation
Pink -(-) Alkligense
(14)Name Of Test

Fermentation (Clarity)
Medium- (Clarity) Litmus Milk
Substrate - Lactose
Enzyme/path - Fermination
Ph.Ind/Reagents - zero
End Product - ATP & Organic Acid & Hard Curd(protein) & Co2.
Pos. (+) Appearance- Pink & Hard Curd (solid) & Gas (swiss Cheese)

Neg (-) - Purple -Control-Blueberry,Grapejuice
(14)Name Of Test

Litmus(Carbon) Milk
Substrate - Lactose
Enzyme/Path -Alkalinization
-Partial Hydrolysis
Ph.Ind/Reagents - Zero
End Prod- Polypeptide(colloid)
Basic Amino Acids ( )
Pos(-) -Blue Milk ( )

Neg(-) - Purple -Control Blueberry,Pink,Grape juice
(14)Name Of Test

Peptonization- (Cloudy)
Medium - Casein & Lactoablbumin
Enzyme/Path - :Peptonization
:Comple Hydrolysis(by accepting e -)
Ph Ind./Reagents -Amino Acids
(A.A) (Crystalloid)
Pos (+) Appear Juice- Dark Liquid

Neg(-) Appear Purple- Control
(14)Name Of Test

Reduction (Curd)
Medium -Litmus(Curd)
Substrate - Proteins + ?
Enzyme/Path - ----------
pH Ind./Reagents - Zero
End Prod -- Amino Acids(A.A) & Rennet & Curd -( COTTAGE CHEESE)
Pos(+) Appear - Transluent + Soft And i Bowel Full i

Neg - AppearPurple-Control Blueberry, Pink
(14)Name Of Test

Curd Formation
Medium - Litmus Milk
Substrate -Litmus
Enzyme/Path - Reduction ETC
:Anaerobic Resp
pH Ind/Reagents - Zero
End Product - Leucolitnus (Reduced litmus) & ATP
Pos Appear (+) Bleached litmus[no Pink,Purple Blue]

Neg Appear (-) litmus Colors Purple,Blue,Pinkl
(15)Name Of Test

Reduction Of Nitrates
Medium -Nitrate Broth
Substrate - Nitrate
Enzyme /Path - AnaerobicRespiration

pH.Ind./Reagents - 3gtts Of Sulfonilic Acid,2Gtts Of Dan Solution.
End Prod: - ATP & No2(Nitrate)
Pos Appear: -Red(+) / Magenta(+),B.subtilis.
Neg.Appear: - Any Other Color
A.faecalis (-)
Control (-)
(16)Name Of Test

Detection Of Catalase
Medium - tryptic soy agar
Substrate - Hydrogen Peroxide

Enzyme/Path:- Aerobic Catalase
pH Ind./Hydrogen Peroxide,H2o,o2
End Product - H2o + o2
(water + oxygen)
Pos Appear:- Bubbles (+)

Neg Appear: - No Bubbles (-)
(17)Name Of Test

Production Of Decarboxtylase
Medium - Amino Acid Broth
Substrate: Amino Acid
e.g- Lsine
Enyzme /Path - Decarboxylation
pH Ind./Reagents Brom -Cresol-Purple [ {}]
End Prod: Basic Amine & Increase Co2
Pos Appear: (+) Violet (+)

Neg Appear: (-) Burgundy & Brown(-)
(18)Name Of Test

Hydolysis Of Urea
Medium:Urea Broth
Enyzme/Path: Urease
pH Ind./Reagents:-Phenol Reds
End Prod: -Co2 Increase & Basic Ammonia(NH3)
Pos.Appear: - Hot Pink/Magenta( +)

Neg.(-)Appear: -Yellow ( -) [only milliter]
(19)Name Of Test-3tubes in 1

Production Of Hydrogen
sulfric gas (H2s)
Medium -(Tall) SIM
Substrate: - Cysteine (s) (A.A)
Enzyme/Pathway- Anaerobic respiration
ph Ind./Reagents: -Zero
End Prod: -ATP & H2 s Decrease,Black Iron Sulfide
Fe++ Agar

Pos.(+)Appear: - H2s + Fe 2+
[ ] Black (+)

Neg(-).Appear: Not Black
(19)Name Of Test-3tubes in 1

Production Of Indole
Medium: TALL-(tryptophan)
Substrate: - tryptophan
Enyzme/Path:-Indole Metobolism
pH.Ind/Reagents:- Zero
End Prod: - Indole
Pos.Appear: RED Kovas's [[[
Neg Appear:(-)Not RED
((19)Name Of Test-3tubes in 1

Medium: -Tall-SIM
Substrate:- N/A
Enzyme/Path: - N/A
pH Ind./Reagents: - N/A
End Products: - N/A
Pos.(+) Appearance: - Turbidity(Cloudy)
Neg (-)not Cloudy
(20) Name Of Test

Methyl Red Test
Acid pH(<4.4)
Medium: -MR-VP
Substrate: - Glucose
Enyzme/Path: - Fermentation
pH Ind./Reagents: - 1 ML Of Broth test tube add 10gtts of Methyl Red.
End Prod: - Zero
Pos(+) Appear: -RED(+)[Acid Present]
Neg(-) YELLOW(no Acid)
(20)Name Of Test

Voges-- Pwkaur Test
Medium: - MR-VP
Substrate: - Glucose
Enzyme/Path: - Fermentation
pH Ind./Reagents: - 1ML of brth into clean test tube,add 10gtts of K+ hydroxide,20-30 mins Creatine
End Of Prod: - Zero
Pos (+) Appear: - RED RING
Neg(-) Appear: -Any Color(yellow,orange)
(21)Name Of Test

Utilization Of Unusual Nitrogen
Medium: - Ammonium
Substrate: - Nitrogen
Enyzme/Path: - Nitrogen Metabolism.
pH Ind./Path: - Zero
End Prod: - Ammonia(NH3)
Phosphoric Acid-H3Po4)
Pos.(+)appear: - YELLOW
Neg.Appear:(-) NOT YELLOW
(22)Name Of Test

Utilization Of Unusual Carbon
Medium: - Sodium Citrate
Substrate: - Carbon
Enyzme/Path: - :Citratase
Carbon Metabolism
pH.Ind/Reagents; - Growth
End Products: - Zero
Pos.(+) Appear:- Turbidity (+)
Neg (-) Appear: (-) Clear
(24)Name Of Test

Medium: - Mannitol SAlt Agar
Substrate: - Mannital
pH Ind.?Reagents: - PHENOL RED
End Product: - ATP &Organic Acid
Pos(+)Appear: - YELLOW(+) Differential,Agar Turns Yellow(Fermented)
Neg.(-)Appear: - NOT YELLOW AGAR
(25)Name Of Test

Coagulase Production
Medium: -Rabbit Plasma
Substrate: - Plasma(CItrated)
Enyzme/Path: - Coagukase
pH Ind./Reagents
End Product: - Coagulated Plasma(clotted)
Pos(+) Appear: - Solid
Neg(-)Appear: Liquid
(26)Name Of Test

Hemolysin Production
Medium: -BLOOD(sheep Agar)
Substrate: -
(27)Name Of Test[bunsen burner,loop]

Latex Agglutination
Medium: -
Substrate: -
Enyzme/Path: -
pH Ind./Reagents: -(+)Control
(-) Control

End Prod: -
Pos.Appear: - (+) Agglutination
Neg(-)Appear: -