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3 Worlds of first millenium
-Christian Europe

-Islamic Middle East, north africa, parts of Europe

Chinese science
linked to astronomy, imperial court
speculation about natural world
confucian vs. taoist
su sung's water clock
first truly mechanical clock
little or no influence on other chinese devices
islamic astronomy
=instrumental science
not yet separate from astrology
sighting instruments, highly mathematized, service to religion
mariner's astrolab
calculate position of ship in relation to the stars
no religious sign.
Islamic technology
not develop tech. tradition different form green or rome
borrow inventions from china and india
water, wind powered machinery
monks embraced physical labor; did not look down on artisans
italy thru europe
Rediscovery of greek phil and science
questioning religious authority
growing realism
rediscover pagan art
printing press
ideas wouldnt be lost
work could be mass produced if have connections
gov't and religious authorities couldnt control in europe
political posters
Scientfic Revolution
Europe esp Italy, france, england
revolution in thinking about natural world
start of connection b/w science and technology
Ptolemaic Model of universe
surrounded by Earth; air/fire; moon; planets; sun b/w venus and mars; way out is heaven
no space, multiple layers of glass, wasnt a theory was a fact
Pagan view of what world looked like, fully believed
Giordano Brune
started telling ppl there was space, infinity of stars
got killed b/c questioned religious authority
church has only say
Copernican/ Helio centric model of universe
put sun in middle
earth revolved around it
no evidnece, just theory
=realization one might learn new things and how to do new things thru dev't of new systems

scienctists begin to turn measure toward artisans
Science movement 1
scientists turn toward artisans
telescope, microscope

change in abililty to see nature in unprecedented detail

invent new things; whole new world of data, curiosity
Movement 2
Toward Mechincal Law
Book of Nature is a book of laws of nature

laws are mathematical, cannot be overturned by political or religious authorities
clockwork universe
god created universe as artisan creates a clock; systm of natural laws, need to figure them out

number, measurement, weight
Movement 3
Toward New Ceremonies and Spaces
Invention of Experiment and Lab
Movement 4
Toward Capitalism
class of urban Merchants rising
invest some of wealth in machinery
leads to rapid mechanical improvements
Movement 5
Closer to States
scientists/engineers use states to protect selves from church and fund experiments
states use scientists to add to their power