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What does renaissance mean
When was the renaissance
The renaissance was a rebirth of what ancient worlds
Greek and Roman
Where did the renaissance begin
What are 3 powerful city-states
A society where most people live in cities
Urban society
What is a secular viewpoint
Worldly - people enjoyed material things and wealth rathan than religous
What 14th century problems did the renaissance recover from
The plague
Political instability
Deline in Church power
What were people interested in during the renaissance
Politics and art
What kind of person was the ideal during the renaissance
A well-rounded person had achievements in many areas
Who was an example of a well rounded renaissance man?
Leonardo da Vinci
What kinds of accomplishments did Leonardo da Vinci have
Painter, sculptor, architect, inventor, mathematician
Why did Italy have such powerful city states
They did not have a central monarchy
How did the city states prosper
What made Milan powerful
It was located at the crossroads of trade routes
What dukes controlled Milan
Visconti family
Who conquered Milan and took it from the Visconti family
Francesco Sforza
What is a mercenary
Soldiers who sold their services to the highest bidder
How did Francesco Sforza help build a strong centralized state
Created a tax system and gave huge income to the government
Who did Venice trade with
Asia and Western Europe
What was the leader of the republic of Venice called
Who really controlled the government of Venice and led them in wars
Small group of merchant-aristocrats
Who took control of Florence
Cosimo de Medici and the Medici family
Why did the economy of Florence decline
They made cloth and had competition from English and Flemish clothmakers
in the 1400s what city was the cultural center of Italy and had great art
Who took Florence away from the Medici family
Girolamo Savonarola
What did Savonarola stop
Gambling, horseracing, swearing, painting, music, books
What happened to Savonarola
Accused of heresy by the Church and was executed
Who wanted Italy's riches and came in to take over
French king Charles VIII
Who helped Italy against King Charles VIII
What 2 countries fought over Italy
Spain and France
What caused the end of the Italian wars
The collapse of Rome
What country became powerful in Italy after Rome fell
What happened when the Spanish King Charles I attacked Rome with mercenaries
Destroyed churches and palaces, looted the city, sold church officials as slaves
What book did Machiavelli write
The Prince
What did Machiavelli write about a prince's activities and politics
Should not be based on Christian or moral primciples. A prince should act on behalf of the state and might have to go against his conscience.
What is a Noble
When nobles began to lose money, did they lose their land and title?
What did nobles do
Hold important political positions and advise the king
What are the characteristics of a noble
What 2 basic skills should a noble have
Prepare to be a warrior
Get a classical education and persue the arts
In the 1500s, were most people nobles or peasants
Up to 90% were peasants
What was a peasant who paid for his rent with labor
A serf
What were the shopkeepers, artisans, and guild members called
Who were the top of the urban society
Where did patricians get their wealth
Trade, industry, banking
Who was at the lowest in the urban population and had miserable lives
The workers
Why was family and arranged marriages important
To make strong business and family ties
A sum of money given by the wife's family to her husband
Who was the center of the Italian family
The father

He gave the name, finances, made decisions
What was the mothers role in the family
Supervise the household
How did a child get free from the father
The father died or freed his children
When was a child an adult
When their father had a judge free them - usually early teens to late twenties