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what type of metering device should not be used in a system with a receiver in the liquid line
Capillary Tube
The drier desiccant designed to hold moisture by chemical action is
Can check Valves can be installed in either vapor ar liquid lines
When the compressor service valve is fully front seated; which port is closed off?
A refrigeration accessory is defined as
Help but not needed fixture
What is the porpose of a oil separatoris
to reduce the amount of oil in the refrigerant cycle
what is the purpose of a muffler
to reduce hot gas pulsing
The main purpose of the liquid suction heat exchanger is to
subcool liquid refrigerant to prevent flood back
Filter driers should only be installed in the
suction or liquid lines
what should a oil seperator be keeped warm at all times
to prevent refrigerant vapor condensing to a liquid
Where should the muffler be installed
as close to the compressor as possible
The Accumulator should be installed in the
Suction line
can you make a accumulator be made into a heat exchanger
what is a crankcase heater used to stop
Where is the sight glass located in the
liquid line
the heat exchange coils on a heat pump are referred to by their
lacation in the air stream
Which two componets are generally found as started on heat pumps, but are considered accessories on an air conditioning unit
Crankcased heater and suction accumulater
What causes the reversing (4 way) valve slide to change position?
pressure differance
all air to air heat pumps will operate in what three cycles
cooling -heating-defrost
the arrow on the accurator metering device must point toward the
indoor coil
do you need a heavyduty compressor in heatpumps
heat pump refrigerant charge is critical and should be charged by?
The charging chart or exact weight
what is the most common combination used in heatpumps into defrost cycle
outdoor coil temp and timer
what is another name for a heatpump
revers cycle A/C system
the indoor coil fan on a heat pump should be moving an air volume of
450 CFM