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the porpose of the condenser is
reject heat from the refrigerantion syatem
the condensing mediums mest be
lower then the refrigerant saturation temp
the natural draft condenser design is most found in
household refrigerators and frezzers
the horizontalshell and tube water cooled condenser is very efficient in removing heat beacause?
the water is designed to past through it more then once
should there be any change in pressure throughout the condenser
what is the temp split for an air cooled condenser
30 degrees
the capacity or efficiency of an Evaporative condenser depends on
Entering air wet bulb temp
the cooling or water tower is
an accessory to a water cooled condenser
what is the designed temp split of a water cooled condenser?
10 degrees
What is the designed temp split of an evaporative cooled condenser?
20 degrees
what are the mediums used in condensing
air, water
The most heat removed from the refrigerant in the condenser is
what are the three types of condencsers?
air cooled, water cooled, evaperative cooled
what is the minium amount of subcooling that must take place in the condensers
5 degrees below the saturation temp.
condenser theory of operation states
the heat loss by the refrigeratant must be equal the heat gain by the condensing medium
the purpose of the evaporator is
absorb heat into the refrigeration system
the temp of the medium being cooled must be
above the evaporators saturation temp
the two basic types of evaporators are
direct expansion feed and flooded feed
evaporator theory of operation
the heat picked up by the refrigerant in the evaporator must equal th eheat given up by the medium being cooled
the secondary refrigerant in a chiller system is usually
water or brine
prime surface evaporators operating below 32 degrees must frequently be
should there be a pressure change anywhere throughout the evaporator?
flooded feed evaporaors are differant from DX feed evaporators in that they?
allows for recirculation of liquid refrigerant
what is the temp split for an air conditioning forced air cooled evaporator
20 degrees
what is the designed temp split between in the water in and water out on a chiller?
5 degree
what are the three basic construction styles of evaporator coils?
finned tubes,plate, bare tube
what is the designed superheat for a direct expansion evaporator?
10 degrees
the evaporator on a standard air conditiong system should operate at a saturation temp of
40 degrees