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which of the iteams are considered accessories to a Manifold Gauge set?
Hanger and hose storage jack
the process to remove contaminants(air & Moisture) from the Manifold Gauge hoses?
your manifold Gauges are connected to an operating unit and both valves are back seated, what happenes to high and low side readouts?
low goes up/ high goes down
Color of gauges?
LOw side blue/ high side red
low side scale goes up by what for each marking?
1 pound
high side scale goes up by what for each marking?
5 pound
What is the center hose used for.
Recover, charge, Evacuate, add oil.
Low side gauge has Temp, And pressure scales indicating
inches of Vacuum and PSIG
Manifold Gauges are useful as a diagnostic tool; because they?
Indicate the operating pressure that corresponds the the saturation temps
When dealing with schrader core s what must your hoses have?
Some way to depress the valve stem core
Why do we replace our hose on a regular basis?
Over time the hose less pliable and develop leaks.
To read proper system pressure the manifold gauges valves should be?
Fully Front Seated
In a mechanical Refrigeration System the cooling component is called
The refrigerant will give up heat when it
In a refrigeration system the entire ________ is considered a highside component.
The TXV is designed to maintain a
constant superheat
The metering device does what?
Flashes and insures constant flow
In a refrigeration system the entire ________ is considered a lowside component.
metering device
The porpose of the Condenser is to_______ heat
give off
AXV will maintain a constant pressure at the
evaporater inlet
What are the four essentail components required for a mechanical Refrigeration System?
compressor, metering device, condenser, evaporater
the purpose of the evaporator is to ______ heat
take in