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Christianity is based on:
life, teachings, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Foundation is based on..
Judaism and old testament
spread throughout known world as..
western culture
"good news" written 40-50 yrs after the death of Jesus by his followers who remembered the events of his life from an oral tradition of Armaic to Greek to Latin.
synoptic gospels
Matthew/Mark/Luke share many common versions as seen together.
short gospel for non-Palestinian Christians stressing non-polytheism.
Gospel of Mark
Jesus as second Moses and coming of the Kindgom through the teachings of Jesus.
Gospel of Matthew
Very technical through the writing of the Physician for non Jews. Only accounts of early life of Jesus recorded second hand.
Gospel of Luke
Presupposes other accounts record historical aspect of Jesus' life. Much more of a theological account of the facts that Jesus is eternal son of God as is the incarnation of God on earth.
Gospel of John