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Explain how the heart is affected by decrease in blood flow, causing progressive irresversible shock?
-decrease in cadiac output, decrease in blood pressure which the decrease of blood flow to the heart.
-Then to other tissues first to the heart which goes into cardiac depression.
-Heart muscle recieves less blood. Heart then cannot flow efficiently.
Explain how the brain is affected by decrease in blood flow.
-As blood pressure drops the decrease in blood flow to the brain.
-The Medulla becomes unable to tell the blood vessels to constrict which is decrease in vasomotor which means blood vessels will not constrict.
-Then when vascular dialation happens which then no blood will flow to heart because of venous pooling.
-Less blood flows to the heart.
Explain how blood vessels are affected by decrease in blood pressure.
blood vessels start to die so vasomotor cannot happen so then vessels dialate and pool
Which leads to decrease in blood to heart.
-after vascular dialation the blood vessels could start to die, dialate, then rapture which leaks out blood which is called capillary osmosisis.
Which means decrease in blood to heart.
Explain how high blood pressure affects Tissue ischemia
All tissues at this time start to die.
All tissues release histamines, all vessels dialate.
Then vascular dialte which causes pooling in all blood vessels.
Then decreased blood to the heart.
Explain the end of Progressive/irreversible shock
Decrease cardiac output, blood pressure up then intravascular clotting takes place within blood cells.
what is progressive/ irrervisible shock?
Progressive shock is cardiac output decreasing

Irrevrisible shock is Shock that has progressed beyond the stage when it will respond to transfusion or other form of treatment, and recovery is impossible.
what is compensation/non-progressive shock?
when your blood pressure drops in which then your body has to correct the blood pressure.
what is compensatory/non-progressive shock caused by?
usually hypovolemic, neurogenic, and anaphylatic shock.
during the progressive shock hypoxemia happens which is what?
low blood oxygen
while progressive shock and hypoxemia what else happens?
hypercapina which is too much carbon dioxide
What are the chemo receptors?
pick up hypoxema
where is chemo receptors found?
aortic arch
what do the chemo receptors do once pick up hypoxema?
send message to the medulla.
what two things does the meduall do?
in order to bring blood pressure ack up it tells the body to hyperventilation and vasoconstriction.
what is hyperventilation?
it is when the chess muscle constict. Then push blood back to the heart like toothpaste.
what is vasoconstriction?
constriction of vessels blood flows to the heart like toothpaste
what happens at end?
increase in blood volume to heart, cardiac output, blood pressure raises.