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Who was Cesar Augusts(octavian?
He was the 1st emperor, and the adopted son of Julius C.

Famous Quote
Founded the Empire with bric, and left it in Marble.
Who was Caligula?
He was extremely carzy, and named his horse as part of the senate.
Who was Commodus?
He faught in many gladitor battles, and wanted fame.
Who was Hadrian?
He was known for building the famous wall for protection.
Who was Constaine?
He was the 1st Christian Emperor.
Who was Diocletio?
He was known for the divided rule ofthe empire in 248 ad.
Who was Theodosius?
Offically split the empire into the east and west.
What were some economic problems?
Slave revolt
rich vs. poor
gladitor battles
food shortage
What were some expansion problems?
Rely on ecomony
too big for emperor torule
clashes of Religion
East and West War
Spoils of war
What were some militay problems?
highly to be attacked by Barbians
hig cost
Internal conflict
crazy emperors
High numbers