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The medium of Dance
the body, movement
Lorenzo de Medici
Medici family were great patrons of the arts in Florence. They supported ballet
Louis XIV of France
likes and participates in the arts, establishes institutes of art at a palace in Varseilles, terminology in French
Mademoiselle la Fontaine
first ballerina when it wasn't modest for a woman to be on stage
Isadora Duncan
pioneer of modern dance, free spirit, freedom of expression
George Balanchine
Russian choreographer and dancer, came to U.S. in 1933
masterworks: "apollo" and "the prodigal son"
Edward Villella
in the running for best danseur of 20th century, "Apollo" exists b/c Edward could dance it, also a boxer
Mikhail Baryshnikou
greatest danseur of 20th century, Russian born
3 coordinates of dance
1. physical
2. psychological
3. social
coordinate of dance - physical
weight vs. weightlessness
coordinate of dance - psychological
solar plexus (diaphragm)
coordinate of dance - social
2 or more dancers
traditionally sophic b/c of intense discipline and focus on form vs. expression
3 ballet aspects:
1. alignment
2. extension
3. turn out
mantic, develop in 20th century