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Where was Nubia?
A country close by, taken over by the Old and Middle Kingdom pharaohs
Egypt got gold, stone, ivory and slaves from here
What happened in the Valley of the Kings?
The New Kingdom pharaohs were buried in the Valley of the Kings
Where was Memphis?
Main city of Lower Egypt
Main city of all of Egypt in the Old Kingdom
Where was Giza?
The three great pyramids and the Sphinx were built at Giza
Where was the First Cataract?
Here there were big rocks in the river. the water flowed very fast round here. hard for boats to launc. southern boarder of egypt
What happend at Karnak?
A big temple for the god Amon was built at Karnak
Where was Thebes?
Main city of Upper Egypt. Main city for all of Egypt for most of the Middle nd the New Kingdom
What was the Red Land?
The desert areas to the eastand west of he BlackLand. From the eastern desert came rich stones and gold. Crops werre grown in the oases in the western desert
Lower Egypt?
The land north of Memphis. Some parts of the Nile Deltavwere very wet and good for fihing. The soil was rich and good for farming
Upper Egypt?
The Nile Valley, from Aswan in the south to Memphis in the north
What was the Black Land?
Named after the black mud left on the land after the flood waters from the Nile went down. The Egyptians grew their crops in this rich soil