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1. Characteristics Post-Impressionism
artists subjective feelings choose bright colors for nature vs. earth tones
characteristics of modernist literature
usually pessimistic; usually an alienated individual / a dysfunctional person trying to make sense of the world
"the metamorphosis" - the characters lack identity and control in their lives
" a stream of consciousness" - uses to create non-linear thoughts of characters and random chaotic developments
characteristics of impressionism
painting "en plein air" = out-doors vs. studio / tube paints
-"blurry" = unfinished appearance
-subjects: nature, casual and domestic life
characteristics of cubism
a bold and distictive ormal language taht came to challenge the priniples of renaissance painting as dramatically as possible
-short angular lines
-makes ordinary objects appear in bits and pieces
characteristics of expressionism
favored macabre and intimate subjects
- rendered by means of distorted forms, harsh colors and bold and haunting use of black
-content: explored dark depressing psychological states
-colors: secondary to tertuary for depression
-themes: alliteration, lonliness, happiness
characteristics of surrealism
express in conscious life the working of the unconscious mind
- artist's liberation from reason and the demands of the conventional society
-explicit homage to Freud
-spontaneous and random - guided by through functions free of rational control and exmpt from aesthetic or moral concern
characteristics of abstract and non-objective art
free-form= non-representational
-content free: no " obvious" meaning or value; untitled or un- numbered= free association/ Neutral?
-process over product: random application= "action painting"
haunting synthesis of violently distorted forms and savage colors
-rebel against " old - establish forces" of academic art
-distorted forms, harsh colorrsl bold use of black