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diuturnus, a, um
lasting, long-lasting
homuncio, onis, m
little man, manikin
quousque, adv
until what time? till when? how long?
impendo, impendere, impendi, impensus
to expend, spend; devote (to)
impendeo, impendere, --
to overhand, hang over, threaten, impend (+dat)
abutor, abuti, abusus sum
to waste, squander, abuse, misuse; use up, exhaust
consilium, i, n
debate, discussion, advice, counsel
detineo, detinere, detinui, detentus
to hold off, hinder, detain
exactor, oris, m
expeller, exactor; tax-collector
improbus, a, um
wicked, flagrant
formido, formidare, formidavi, formidatus
to dread, fear, be afraid of
euge, interj
oh, good! fine! well done!
servus, i, m
slave, servant
nequam, adj
wicked, licentious, depraved
villicatio, onis, m
function of a farm overseer or estate manager
villico, villicare, villicavi, villicatus
to perform the duties of a farm overseer
deficio, deficere, defeci, defectus
to fail, falter, fall short; let down, disappoint
neglegens, entis
careless, indifferent, unconcerned
excutio, excutere, excussi, excussum
to shake out, search, examine; shake off, put away
amaritudo, inis, f
bitterness, sorrow
recenseo, recensere, recensui, recensum
to count again, review, muster, examine
mendosus, a, um
full of faults; inaccurate
mendax, acis
lying, deceitful, false
obtundo, obtundere, obtudi, obtusum
to beat upon, thump; make blunt, dull, weaken
for, fari, fatus sum
to speak, say
fuco, fucare, fucavi, fucatus
to colour, aint, dye; embellish
menda, ae, f; mendum, i, n
fault, defect, blemish
verecundia, ae, f
modesty, diffidence
quatenus, adv
how far; insofar as, since
prorsum, adv
forwards, straight ahead; utterly, absolutely, wholly
fleo, flere, flevi, fletum
to weep
agnosco, agnoscere, agnovi, agnitus
to recognise, understand, admit, acknowledge
profecto, adv
truly, really, indeed
discutio, discutere, discussi, discussum
to shatter, scatter, strike asunder
corripio, corripere, corripui, correptus
to seize violently, lay hold of, take up
lubricus, a, um
slippery, smooth
aspernor, aspernari, aspernatus sum
to despise, reject, spurn
aetus, atis, f
curtus, a, um
shortened, mutilated
sino, sinere, sivi, situs
to allow, permit
lascivio, lascivire, lascivivi, lascivitus
to frisk, sport, run riot
como, comere, compsi, comptus
to arrange, adorn, make beautiful, embellish
incedo, incedere, incessi, incessus
to advance, approach, march, step
tabesco, tabescere, tabui
to malet, dissolve, dry up, evaporate, waste away
propono, proponere, proposui, propositus
to display, propose, relate, put or place forward
labor, labi, lapsus sum
to slip, fall, perish
labes, labis, f
landslide; disaster; blot, blemish
labium, i, n
lip, flange
diffido, diffidere, diffisus sum
to have no confidence, mistrust, despair
ruo, ruere, rui, rutus
to destroy, ruin, overthrow, rush on, run; fall, charge (in +acc)
caespes, caespitis, m
grassy ground, grass, sod, turf
praeceps, praecepitis
headfirst, headlong, steep, precipitous
aulicus, a, um
pertaining to the flute; princely, of an imperial household
avarus, a, um
avaricious, greedy
faex, faecis, f
dregs, grounds, lees
confero, conferre, contuli, collatus
to bring together, carry, collect, gather, compare; unite, add; confer, discuss, debate
auspicatus, a, um
hallowed; auspicious, lucky, fortunate
tempestas, atis, f
season, time, weather, storm
accerso, accersere, accersi, --
to send for, summon; fetch, import; invite, invoke
deinceps, adv
in order, succession, turn; one after another, successively; hereafter, thereafter
prebeo, prebere, prebui, prebitus
to present, show, offer; expose; produce
ob +acc
on account of, for the sake of, for
interpres, etis, c
interpreter, translator
infodio, infodere, infodi, infossus
to bury, inter
subtraho, subtrahere, subtraxi, subtractus
to carry off, take away, subtract
cogo, cogere, coegi, coactus
to collect, gather; restrict, confine; force, compel
nonnumquam, adv
divitia, ae, f
riches (pl), wealth
nanciscor, nancisci, nactus sum
to obtain, find, get; meet with, stumble on; receive
passim, adv
here and there, everywhere
erogo, erogare, erogavi, erogatus
to pay out, expend
eatenus, adv
so far
edo, edere, edi, esus
to eat, consume; destroy
tanquam, conj
as, just as, as it were
exto, extare, extiti
to stand out, project, exist
alo, alere, alui, alitus
to feed, nourish, rear, nurse, cherish, support
praeter +acc
besides, except, contrary to; beyond, in front of
mensis, mensis, m
viso, visere, visi, visus
to go to see, look at, visit
saepenumero, adv
repeatedly, on many occasions
porro, adv
at a distance, farther on, far off
censeo, censere, censui, censitus
to think, suppose, judge
consuo, consuere, consuevi, consuetus
to accustome, become accustomed
aerumna, ae, f
toil, task, labour
complus, compluris
many (pl), several
sane, adv
reasonably, sensibly, truly; yes of course
commercium, i, n
trade, traffic, commerce
dedecit, dedecere, dedecit
to be unsuitable, to be unbecoming, to bring disgrace
colo, colere, colui, cultus
to live in, inhabit; till, cultivate; honour, cherish, worship
ficus, us, m
fig, fig tree
lateo, latere, latui, --
to lie hidden, lurk
caussa, ae, f
cause, reason, origin, source
arrogantia, ae, f
insolence, arrogance, conceit
indigeo, indigere, indigui
to need, lack, require (+gen or abl)
exoro, exorare, exoravi, exoratus
to persuade, win over, prevail upon, beg, entreat
adeo, adire, adivi, aditus
to approach, attack, visit, undertake
dedo, dedere, dedidi, deditus
to give up/in, surrender
adeo, adv
to such a degree, precisely, exactly
praedo, praedonis, m
robber, thief, pirate
possideo possidere, possedi, possessus
to seize, hold, be master of, possess
scelus, sceleris, n
crime, calamity
sicarius, i, m
murderer, assassin
praeda, ae, f
booty, loot, spoils, plunder, prey
peto, petere, petivi, petitus
to attack, aim at, desire, ask for
caulis, caulis, m
stalk, stem
excresco, excrescere, excrevi, excretus
to grow
iuvo, iuvare, iuvavi, iuvatus
to help, assist, aid
vexo, vexare, vexavi, vexatus
to shake, jolt; annoy, harrass, vex
conscendo, conscendere, conscendi, conscensus
to climb up, ascend, rise to, mount, board, set out
ramus, i, m
bough, branch
lectito, lectitare, lectitavi, lectitatus
to read repeatedly
conficio, conficere, confeci, confectus
to make, compose, prepare, complete, accomplish
palleo, pallere, pallui, --
to be or look pale, fade
crudus, a, um
raw, crude
confid(e)o, confidere, confisus sum
to rely on, trust to, believe, be confident
uspiam, adv
anywhere, somewhere
premo, premere, pressi, pressus
to press, press hard, pursue, oppress
occipio, occipere, occepi, occeptus
to begin
certamen, certaminis, n
contest, battle, struggle
nocuus, a, um
hurtful, injurious
vetus, veteris, n
old, ancient times, antiquity
vetus, veteris
old, aged, ancient
obruo, obruere, obrui, obrutus
to cover up, hide, bury
ango, angere, anxi, anctus
to choke, thottle, strangle; to distress, vex, trouble
procul, adv
at a distance, far off
jejunus, a, um
fasting, abstinent, hungry, barren
extempto, adv
immediately, forthwith
profecto, adv
surely, certainly
profiteor, profiteri, professus sum
to declare, profess
deliro, delirare, deliravi, deliratus
to be mad, rave
desero, desere, desui, desertus
to leave, abandon, desert, forsake
desino, desinere, desi, desitus
to give up, abandon, leave off, desist
memini (perf def)
to remember, keep in mind, pay heed to
oporteo, oportere, oportui, oportuitus
to require, order
it is right, proper, necessary, it behoves
immitto, immittere, immisi, immissus
to send in/to/against, insert, hurl in, let go in, allow
palam, adv
openly, publicly, plainly
vaco, vacare, vacavi, vacatus
to be empty, vacant, idle
gryllus, i, m
cricket, grasshopper
exposco, exposcere, exposcui, --
to request, ask for, demand
eloquium, i, n
eloquence, speech
vena, ae, f
vein, artery, pulse; fissure
lutum, i, n
mud, clay, dirt
cado, cadere, cecidi, cacusus
to fall, sink, die, end, decay
sordes, sordis, f
filth, dirt, squalor
inficio, inficere, infeci, infectus
to corrupt, infect, poison
oleo, olere, olui, --
to smell of, like
foedus, a, um
filthy, foul, disgusting
lacus, us, m
basin, tub; lake, pond
decus, decoris, n
glory, honour, virtue
immundus, a, um
dirty, filthy, foul
nefas, n
sin, impious act
nitidus, a, um
shining, bright
facundia, ae, f
praestans, antis
excellent, outstanding
paro, parare, paravi, paratus
to prepare, furnish, provide
mortifer, a, um
deadly, fatal, destructive
macula, ae, f
spot, stain, blemish
maculo, maculare, maculavi, maculatus
to spot, pollute, dishonour
turpis, e
ugly, nasty, disgraceful
tero, terere, trivi, tritus
to rub, wear away, wear out, tread
munus, muneris, n
service, duty, present, gift
senex, senis
old. aged; m. old man
profano, profanare, profanavi, profanatus
to desecrate, profane
scelus, sceleris, n
crime, sin
delebilis, e
able to be destroyed or effaced
supplicium, i, n
punishment, suffering, supplication
pio, piare, piavi, piatus
to appease, propitiate, cleanse
it is fitting, seemly; it ought
pagina, ae, f
page, sheet
castus, a, um
pure, moral, chaste, virtuous, spotless
vates, vatis, c
prophet, poet
lascivus, a, um
playful, lustful, wanton, unrestrained
incestus, a, um
unchaste, unholy, unclean, impure, polluted, defiled
os, oris, m
mouth, speech, expression, face
semen, seminsi, n
lascivia, ae, f
wantonness, playfulness
commaculo, commaculare, commaculavi, commaculatus
to stain deeply, pollute, defile
secus, adv
otherwise, differntly
secus + acc
by, beside, alongside
vitreus, a, um
glassy, of glass, like glass
laedo, laedere, laesi, laesus
to strike, hurt, injure
proiicio, proiicere, proieci, proiectus
to throw down, out, away; abandon
puter, putris, putre
rotten, decaying, putrid
cadaver, cadaveris, n
corpse, cadaver
condo, condere, condidi, conditus
to put, insert, store up, preserve, conceal, hide, put together, compose
amnis, amnis, m
river, stream, current
pello, pellere, pepuli, pulsus
to beat, drive out, push, banish, strike, defeat
pharetratus, a, um
arcus, us, m
bow, arch, coil
arx, arcis, f
stronghold, citadel, height
collum, in, n
neck, throat (often pl); ridge, hill
iugum, i, n
yoke, team; ridge, summit
staprum, i, n
dishonour, shame, rape
repertor, oris, m
discoverer, inventor, author
lupanar, aris, n
fornix, fornicis, m
arch, vault; brothel
regnator, oris, m
king, lord, ruler
daps, dapis, f
sacrificial feast; feast, banquet
castum, i, n
festival, continence for god
veto, vetare, vetui
to forbid, prohibit
festus, a, um
festive, joyous
festum, i, n
holiday, festival, feast day
pudicitia, ae, f
chastity, modesty, purity
poesis, poesis, f
poetry, poem
satus, a, um
sprung (from), native (to)
hedera, ae, f
convenio, convenire, conveni, conventus
to be appropriate to, fit, harmonize, agree, meet
it agrees, is agreed
incestus, a, um
unholy, unchaste, unclean
coma, ae, f
hair, leaves, rays
taxus, i, f
yew tree
eruca, ae, f
salax, acis
highly sexed, aphrodisiac
cicuta, ae, f
sertus, a, um
linked, connected
serta, ae, f (sertum, i, n)
garland, wreath
thus, thuris, n
focus, i, m
hearth, fireplace, altar
stringo, stringere, strinxi, strinctus
to draw tight, draw, graze
infamis, e
infamous, notorious
vadum, i, n
ford, shallow place
vado, vadere, vasi, --
to go, advance, rush, hurry
iungo, iungere, iunxi, iunctus
to join, unite, connect
meretrix, meretricis, f
courtesan, harlot
antrum, i, n
cave, cavern, hollow
gremium, i, n
lap, bosom, womb, itnerior, female genitalia
sinus, us, m
curved or bent surface, curve, bosom, lap, bay
leno, lenonis, m
brothelkeeper, baud, pimp, procurer, panderer
spurcus, a, um
dity, foul
tribulus, i, m
spiny plant; caltrop