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Who are the top 3 people or where can people go if they have questions about puberty?
1) Parents
2) Teachers
3) Friends
Where are sperm produced?
The Testes.
What is the tube that carries a mature egg to the uterus?
Fallopian Tubes
Name the process by which the uterus sheds its lining.
The Menstruation Cycle
Name the organs that produce egg cells.
Where does the fetus grow (environment)?
In the womb (uterus).
What is the passing of traits from parents to their children?
Name 3 structures of the female reproductive system.
- Uterus
- Fallopian Tubes
- Ovaries
Name 3 structures of the male reproductive system.
- Penis
- Testes
- Prostate Glands
What is another name for the birth canal?
The Vagina.
What is the meeting or joining of an egg and sperm cell?
How long does a fetus grow inside the mother's uterus?
9 Months.
What is ovulation?
The release of an egg from the ovaries.
What is the opening of the uterus called?
The cervix.
What is the structure called which surrounds the fetus?
The Uterus.