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is sex a natural act?
no, more than biology
kinsey studies
zoologist whoh objectively looked at people. too objective
masters & johnson
created the human ersonse cycle. . Looked at men and women in their labs to see what their sexual response
4 responses in their lab( maters and johnson)
1. excitement
2. plateau
3. orgasm (climac)
4. resolution
What is wrong with their cycle principle?
they expected everyone to be under one cycle and focused only on physiology (which would be okay if they did not say it was a cycle). believed it was universal. developed it before they actually did the study.
MASTERS & JOHNSON. What is wrong
focused on soley physioogy. All sexual dysfunction classifications in the DSM were based on this work
What is DSM
Diagnostic stastical manual
Wrong with MASTERS & JOHNSON. model
Developed model before they did the experiements. Gave bias (success and failure)
MASTERS & JOHNSON. Talked about sexual stimulation? what is it?
Did not explain this in their esearch. So assumed that is the progress 4 phases of the HSRC
What is sex?
Desire. What did sexologists do
ignored desire and anything that could not be catalogued. ignored it b/c it is not scientific
Things started to be discussed in what years?
the 70s. low sexxul interseet that did not fit the model
Desire was added to
DSM to make the complete sexual cycle (but still does not have everything cover).G
Got rid of PLATEAU phase (no its is
new 4 phases
1. desire
2. arousal
3. orgasm
4. resoluation
Current Model
Sexual problems as dysfunction or disorders. Sexual problems seen mostly as problems of malfunctioning genitals or biological factors.
originally homosexuality was in DSM as a disorder. shock therapy for homosexuals. medication, therapy. They wanted a quick fix. creating new disorders
men have to drug to CURE their sexual problems. Men are more focused with drugs than women.
medicalization focuses more so on the
Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) is a disease
invented by a pharmaceutical company and did not exist until 1999.
FSD (female sexual dysfunction DSM-IV-R classifciaton (4)
1. female sexual aroudal disroder (FSAD)
2. hypoactive sexual desire disorder
3. femael orgasmmic disorder.
4. sexual pain disorders
Other than malufunctioning genitals what factors contribute to sexual probelms?
emotional hisotyr of sxual abuse. loss of desire for partner
feminist anti-medicalization educational campaign
we need a new classifciaton system that uses bio-psyhology mode.
medicalization affects
both mena nd women more ativism around this had been about women. research coming out abou tthe myths of viagra
medicalization of impotence of viagra is b/c
phallic obsession. works best for psychological problems rather than physiologycially
VIAGRA. men are not looked at in emotional context. emotions often interfere
with function in men and orgasm is not inevetibale
KLEIN & MORIN critcize HSRC. b/c
the mentality is that if your hard than your okay. It is not about arousal but more so erection
prevention and cures for sexual dysfunction
sex education, communication skills, being aware of and challenging gender roles and norms (sexual dobule stndards) directing focus away from pentrative vaginal sex.
Violence (spanking)
spanking is violence that is not deviant
Criminal homicide
murder and non-negligent manslaughter
FBI collcts info about
murder, (intentioanl kililng and non ngeligent manslaugther (intentional killing htat lack malice or forethought,
Cross natioanl homicide rates per 100,000 population. war not counted. MOST
Columbia (1st)
Puerto Rico (2nd)
2 important things about murder
1. homicide is relatively rare event, even where it is high
2. US rate though high compared to some, it is not the highest
New GUinea goilala tribe 211. 1 (very small tribe)
every adult male had commiteted at least on homicide. No instutionalized means to resolve dipsutes.
US has homicide rates
Homicide trends in the US
uptick i 2001 (due to 9/11. 45-60 low. increased, then leveld off then decreased
homicide trends in the US (1900-2001)
* 1900-1935 increased
* peak in early 1900s is high peak in late 1900s
* 1940-1970 stable and low
* 1970-1980 high increase
* 1980-2000 high and stable