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-causes uterine cramping and contents are expelled like a miscarriage
-german pharmaceuticlas threaned by US companies
-political demonstration
-woman was pubically arrested when brought pills from US
When does life begin?
- fetal brain activity should be determined as a scientific marker of human life
-brain wave pattern begins at 30 weeks
-Carl Sagan
Restrictions of Abortion
1. Henry 2 of England
-wanted women to register when they are pregnant
-failed b/c women didn't register

2. Adolph Hitler
-did the same; wanted german women to register pregnancy to make a stronger arian race
Roe vs. Wade
-Abortion acceptable up to 24 weeks of pregnancy in all states
1989 Webster vs. Reproductive Health Services
-make restrictions on who gets abortions

-parental consent
- good in theory but it on the family relationship
- in some states, docs can waive parental consent

- geography (limited locations)
-waiting period (unfair 2 poor)
-permission of father (no longer used)

* Each state can come up to the their own mechanism as to how they will apply restricions.
1991 Rust vs. Sullivan
- federal funded practioners not allowed to discuss abortion options to preg. women.

-affected poorer women
-Bush administration
-tried to make light of the issue by sayin only doctors can talk about abortion
Facts on Pregnancy
-50% unintended pregn.
-abortion rates decreased, but increase 29% by poor women
-1.29 million abortions in 2002
-52% of abortions are under 25
-age 20-24 = 33% abortions
-AA women = 4 times more likely
-at least some college educ.
Models of Abortion Regulation
- abortion is illegal
2. Permission
- allowed only in (incest,rape, medical problem)
3. Prescription
- China recom. abortion
4. Privacy
- decision btw. woman and practioner
Kemper and Blough (1980)
- we fall in love with a preconceived ideal

-attributeour ideal char. to the loved ones, whether or not the person actually has them

-after we fall in love, we ideal. the charac. of the loved ones
Love and Gender
- men fall in love more quickly

-women are more likely to break up a relationship
Desirability by gender
-women underestimate their attractiveness

-men overestimate
Types of Love

Eric Fromm
1. Brotherly Love
- non-intimate, physical
2. Parental/Child
- unconditional (unique)
3. Erotic
-sexual, intimate, passionate
4. Self-Love
- liking who you are; self-esteem
5. God-Sprituality
Successful "Love" Relationship

- Trust (includes risk)

- Caring (actions speak louder than words)

-Intimate Knowledge

-Respect (for who they are and not try to change them)

-Responsibilty (to take care of all those things to have a successful relationship)
Ideas about Love
1. Freud (psychoanalytic)
- all love is derived from sex or sexual expression

2. Dorothy Tennov (humanist)
- infacuation vs. love

Infactuation: time (short), not recipricated, focused on something

Limerance: don't know if its love or infactuation; rush, flush, emotional, excited feeling when meeting someone
Lee's Color of Love
Eros: The Romantic Lover
-always speaks about attractiveness

Ludus: The Game Player
-seduction, not commited, intamacy not valued, playa

Storage: The quiet Calm Lover
-calm love, friends after

Mania: The crazy Lover
-possessive, dependent, consumed by thoughts

Pragma: The practical Lover

Agape: The Selfless Lover
-altruistic, selfless, never demanding
Power within Relationship

Waller Theory of Least Trust
- person with least interest has most power
Reason to End Relationship
1. Jealousy
- lovers insecurity, percieved thought of loss of intimacy

2. Excessive Dependency
Sexualiry and Aging Facts
- 77 million baby boomers
-61% of older singles admit to unprotected sex
-AIDS in 50+ increased 7 times
Undergrads - Illinois (aging)
-Only 10% of women believed mom had sex before marriage
- 30% saids fathes did
-25% of kids believe parents either dont have sex or have it less than once a year
-90% believed parents had happy marriage
Sexual Response and Aging

Excitement phase: takes longer for vagina to lubri. and walls thinner so painful

Plateu: uterine lifting not as high, so not much space in vaginal canal

Sexual Response and Aging

-testicles become saggy (dec. in sperm count)

-erection time increses

-plateu phase elongated
-testes dont elevate as much
-orgasm takes longer and less intense
-prostate gland increase
-WW2 poster campagin to stop soldiers from unsafe sex

-1960:BC Pill; STD pandemic

-1944: penicillian cures bacterial infections
Why STD so Popular?
1.Mobility (women)
- more likely to get STD
-worse effects (PID)
-NO symptoms

2. Social Stigma
-people with STD are bad
-seen as punishment

3. Ease of Cure
-penicillian cures gonhorrea

4. Under-reporting
-underest. by 25-50%, whcih impacts funding

5. Increase in Aymptomatic men
-women rely on men b/c of external genetalia

6. Oral Contraception: stop using protection

8. Lack of Education
- 72-73 diff. strains
-most produce genital warts (condyloma)
-2 strains lead to cervical cancer
-diagnosed with pap smear
-put vinegar on penis; white patches are warts

-cryotheraphy: freeze abnormal cells and remove cells

-Tx men: Podophyllum is a red ointment that is painted on treat warts
- Garadsil: 3 stage immunization
- Incubation: 30 days-7 months
-most commonly reported STD
-more porblems with infertility and PID
-women asymptomatic
-men: watery discharge and painful pee

-NGU (Non-Gonococcal Urethritis) --> most likely caused by Chlamydia

- Tx:Tetracyccline (men+women)

- get thru all sex (oral sex rare)
1. Moniliasis/Yeast/Candidiasis
-white cottage cheese discharge
-vaginal suppository (Monistat)
-men: redish rash, fungal infection (jock itch); Tx: Lotrisone
-skin to skin infection

2. Trichomoniasis
-caused by protoza
-women asymptomatic
-men: watery discharge and internal itch
-Tx:Flagil --> bad reaction with alcohol
-women asymptomatic
-men: chlamydia symptoms x 10
-incubation: 2-8 days
-Tx: penicilian or Ceftrixone
-mother-child transmission cause eye damage
Herpes (HSV-2)
-HSV-1: cold sore
-HSV-2: cold cores in genital area
-painful lesions
-difference are infintisimal
-stress and exposure to sun can cause an outbreak
-Tx for symptoms: Acyclovir/Zovirex
-Incubation: 20-30 days
-Mother-child transmission: c-section necessary
Hepatitis B
-transmitted thru bodily fluis
-symptoms similar to flu
-Tx: bedrest
most people are immunized
Phthrius pubic (Crabs)
-Incubation: 30 days
-symptoms: intense itch
-Tx: Kwell (shampoo) and wash everything you come in contact with
Female Sexual Dysfunction
1. Inorgasmia
2. Lack of Lubrication
3. Vaginisumus
4. Dyspareunia
5. Endometriosis
1. Primary
-inability to orgasm in any setting

2. Secondary
-sporadic orgasm

3. Coital
-perivaginal muscle cease shit and become impermeable
-Tx: Dialaotrs allow the cagina to fer use to the something inside;small in cicumference and increase in size and intensive psychotherapy

-only occurs during sexual arousal
Male Sexual Dysfunction
1. Premature Ejacualation
- Tx: Masturbation and sensate focus
-common in young men

2. Erectile Dysfunction
Moore and Kotra
-women cause me to pre-ejaculate
1. Hurry up attitude
2. Foreplay long and heightened
3. Anxiety of female transmitted to male
Erectile Dysfunction
1. Primary ED
-organic (physical)
-may masturbate -> orgasm
-nocturnal emmissions
- but can't penetrate

2. Secondary ED
-could then, can't now
Treatment for ED
1. Papverine
- injected directly into penis (45 minutes)

2. Alprostradil
-waxy pellet inserted in eye of penis that melts and cause erection

3. Viagra
-not sexual enhancer, but increases blood floe to penis

4. Cialis
-longer windon to be sexually stimulated after taking pill

5. Penile Prosthesis
-inplant of carpora cavernosa