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1. What is asexual orientation?
A person with no erotic or romantic inclinations, little is known about asexual individuals
What is Freud’s view about homosexuality-
Freud did not view homosexuality as pathological
What did Ford and Beach have to say about the 76 Society?
In 1951 Ford and Beach studied 76 societies around the world and found that 64% of them viewed same sex behavior for some member of the community at certain times to be “normal” and appropriate. The role of same sex behavior vary tremendously from one culture to the other
What did the Kinsey Research say about orgasm-
13% of women had at least one same-sex experience to orgasm in adulthood
What did Freud say about Homosexuality?
Homosexuality is the result of overidentification with the other-sex parent in the struggle for affection of the same-sex parent He later wrote homosexuality is a normal condition
What did the Learning Theorists say about Homosexual?
People learn to be gay 6 explanations have been offered for being gay An accumulation of experience that reinforce same
sex attraction is necessary for homosexuality to be learned
What did the Bailey Study say about Identical Twins and sexual orientation?
Sexual orientation is more likely to be similar for siblings who share identical genetic material
What did the Government, Medical Society do in regards to AIDS-
Government and Medical Society formed their own AIDS prevention campaigns, AIDS support groups, and medical information network because the people in the community were angry
What did the Supreme Court Rule in Romer v. Evans
the states could not enact legislation to deny civil rights to gay men and lesbians or to exclude them from due process?
10. What is Sweden and Norway point of view in regards to gay serving in the military?
These Europeans country permit gay to serve in the military.
11. What role does romantic love play in non-western country?
It is seen as a threat
Indulging in romantic love is seen as placing individual needs over group needs, the group needs is preferred over one person
12. Which group has the least number of sexual partners over a lifetime?
Lesbian has sex less frequently than heterosexuals
13. What is the leading cause of death for gay youths
14. What is the common factor in regards to the different definition of love?
It involves wanting to be intimate with another person, a specific motivation that is accompanied by a variety of behaviors, thoughts, and feelings.
15. Sternberg Triangle of Love
love is composed of three related yet distinct components
Intimacy- emotional feelings of love
Passion- motivational dimension of love
Commitment- conscious and cognitive love dimension of love
Empty love- committed without feeling any intimacy or passion
16. What is Romantic Love?
Intimacy + passion
17. According to Sternberg when all three component of love are present this type of love is known as
Consummate Love
18. What is Eros
Passionate love characterized by strong physical arousal, which drives one person toward another
19. Men and Self-Disclosure
Self-disclosure in men decreases over time Self-disclosure is equal in the beginning of the relationship Women prefer more self-disclosure from their male partner than they receive
20. What is meant by love schema?
Love schema is the different views and expectations that people have for themselves and their partners in love relationships
21. What is empathy
Empathy is the ability to understand a situation from another person’s point of view
22. What are the emotions of jealousy?
Emotions of jealousy is fear couple with anger {lovers react with hurt and resentment, sadness, sorrow, anger, and rage}
23. What are Masters & Johnson’s Masturbation Techniques?
Male- stimulates the penis with the hands by holding the shaft of the penis and moves it up and down in a rhythmic, stroking fashion Male- rub their genitals against a soft object Female- use more varied masturbation techniques than males Female- stimulates the Mons, labia minora, and clitoris in a circular or back-and-forth stroking motions Female- may rub the clitoral glans directly , but the glans become hypersensitive
24. What position provides the most direct clitoris stimulation?
Female-Superior Positions
25. What term is used to describe the rubbing of the genitals together?
26. What is rape?
The occurrence of sexual intercourse by force or threat of force without the consent of the person against whom it is perpetrated
27. What are the two categories of rape?
Acquaintance rape- nonconsensual sex between individuals who are acquainted Statutory rape- rape that involves sexual intercourse with a person who is under the legal age of consent
28. Define “token resistance”
Token resistance- mild resistance to sexual advances by someone whose true intention is to engage in this behavior Small number of male and female- engage in this with a new partner Women- more likely to offer this in an ongoing relationship if they had sex Women- rarely of this if no sex occurred Men- receive sexual advances as the token form
29. What is the rule in the U.S for husband forcing their wife to have sex {Marital Rape}?
A husband can be charge with marital rape in 19 states 48 states have marital rape laws but 29 allow certain exception These exceptions are- the husband can be charge for this if (1) they both are legally separated (2) filled for a divorce (3) living separately when the act occurred
30. What are the sexual aggressive motors in regards to acquaintance rape?
Desire for power
Sexual gratification
* Sexual Motive
It is not uncommon for the perpetrator to perceive no harm is done
31. Which ethnic group has the highest rate of rape victim?
Native American Women
32. What are the date rape drugs
Rophynol and GHM (gamma hydroxyl butyrate), which is the least common
33. What is the most common reaction to rape
The most common reaction to rape is anger, sadness, and anxiety
34. What is a pedophilia
A psychiatric disorder in which an adult has recurrent, intense urges and sexually arousing fantasies involving sexual activity with a prepubescent child {13 or younger}
35. What is quid pro quo harassment?
An employee is expected to exchange sexual favors in return for keeping a job or getting a promotion
36. What is common in most cases of harassment?
No invitation {uninvited phone calls, uninvited letters, uninvited sexual materials}
37. According to the protection board what is the most common response to sexual advances
63% of men and 50% of woman believe that some people are too quick to take offense when someone expresses a personal interest in them through looks and remarks. In addition, the victim is often blamed for the harassment.
38. What is erotica {experience}?
Erotica is a term used to describe sexually explicit material that has artistic value “hard-core” and ”soft-core”- are term used to distinguish between pornography and erotica Hard-core- explicit sexual activity + genitalia and ejaculation + little or no plot What qualifies as hard-core film? Playboy and Penthouse Soft-core- more plot + graphic is left to viewer’s imagination What qualifies as soft-core film? Hustler magazine
39. What does Robert Mapplethorpe objectible and controversial photo say
His X-Portfolio included homosexuality, sadomasochistic sexual activity and nude photographs of children (frontal nudity), which was objected by viewers
40. What is Kama Sutra
Famous Indian sex manual of the 3rd century that offers candid and explicit advice for achieving ultimate sexual pleasure
41. What does the Hebrew Bible say in regards to erotica photo
Sex was not addressed, but it describe Song of Solomon as erotic poetry
42. What sexual explicit film brought fellatio?
Deep Throat, in 1972
43. What is conservative moralist?
These people view erotica material as threats to fundamental social institutes and religious values. Repeated exposure causes the viewer/reader to become desensitized and more accepting of sexually immoral acts
44. What is the decrease status in prostitution?
45. What is the counter part of streetwalkers?
46. What does the evolutionary Perspective say about prostitution being stigmatize?
Male- practice this because their desire for casual sex is inherent Female – practice this in order to receive material resources
47. Know sexually explicit film
“Soft-core” is not as controversial as “hard-core” Consensual sexual activity that include women centered films are less controversial and appeal to a broader audience Potential harm is lower for an occasional user rather than a compulsive user Occasional users are less problematic than substituting it for a partner Excessive reliance may interfere with a healthy sex drive
48. What did the Supreme Court say about the Communication Decency Act?
Communication Decency Act- imposed penalties on users who transmitted to or solicited from a person under the age of 18 any information considered obscene or incident The supreme court overruled on the grounds that it was vague and overly broad The court noted that internet users are subject to the provisions of existing child pornography laws
49. What is the exact number of children and adolescence are involved in prostitution
50. What percent of HIV world wide is cause by prostitution?
A small %