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Sexual Dysfunctions
Persistent or recurrent difficulties in becoming sexually aroused or reaching orgasm.
Sexual Desire Disorders
Sexual dysfunctions in which people have persistent or recurrent lack of sexual desire or aversion to sexual contact.
Sexual Arousal Disorders
Sexual dysfunctions in which people persistently or recurrently fail to become adequately sexually aroused to engage or sustain sexual intercourse.
Orgasmic Disorders
Sexual dysfunctions in which people persistently or recurrently have difficulty reaching orgasm or reach orgasm more rapidly than they would like, despite attaining a level of sexual stimulation of sufficient intensity to normally result in orgasm.
Sexual Pain Disorders
Sexual dysfunctions in which people persistently or recurrently experience pain during coitus.
A sexual dysfunction characterized by persistent or recurrent pain during sexual intercourse.
A sexual dysfunction characterized by involuntary contraction of the muscles surrounding the vaginal barrel, preventing penile penetration or making penetration painful.
An endocrine disorder that reduces the output of testosterone.
Engorgement of blood vessels with blood, which swells the genitals and breasts during sexual arousal.
Male Erectile Disorder
Persistent difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection sufficient to allow the man to engage in or complete sexual intercourse. Also termed erectilve dysfunction.
Performance Anxiety
Anxiety concerning one's ability to perform behaviors, especially behaviors that may be evaluated by other people.
Never having reached orgasm.
Spectator Role
A role, usually taken on because of performance anxiety, in which people observe rather than fully participate in their sexual encounters.
Premature Ejaculation
A sexual dysfunction in which ejaculation occurs with minimal sexual stimulation and before the man desires it.
Swellin; erection.
Sex Therapy
A collective term for short-term behavioral models for treatment of sexual dysfunctions.
Sensate Focus Exercises
Exercises in which sex partners take turns giving and receiving pleasurable stimulation in nongenital areas of the body.
Squeeze Technique
A method for treating premature ejaculation whereby the tip of the penis is squeezed temporarily to prevent ejaculation.
A chemical that transmits messages from one brain cell to another.