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Social-Exchange Theory
The view that the develeopment of a relationship reflects the unfolding of social exchanges-that is, the rewards and costs of maintaining the relationship as opposed to ending it.
The view that romantic relationships encompass five stages or phases: attraction, building, continuation, deterioration, and ending.
Small Talk
A superficial kind of conversation that allows exchange of information but stresses breadth of topic coverage, rather than in-depth discussion.
The revelation of personal, perhaps intimate, information.
Surface Contact
A probing phase of building a relationship in which people seek common ground and check out feelings of attraction.
A phase in building a relationship in which members of a couple come to regard themselves as "we," no longer as two "I's" who happen to be in the same place at the same time.
Feelings of closeness and connectedness that are marked by sharing of inmost thoughts and feelings.
Mutual Cyclical Growth
The view that the need for one's partner promotes commitment; commitment promotes acts that enhance the relationship; and these acts build trust, increasing one's partner's commitment to the relationship.