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The psychological state of being female or being male, as influenced by cultural concepts of gender-appropriate behavior. Compare and contrast the concept of gender with anatomic sex, which is based on the physical differences between females and males.
Sexual Differentiation
The process by which males and females develop distinct reproductive anatomy.
One of the rodlike structures, found in the nucleus of every living cell, that carry the genetic code in the form of genes.
A fertilized ovum (egg cell).
The stage of prenatal development that begins with implantation of a fertilized ovum in the uterus and concludes with development of the major organ systems at about two months after conception.
Male sex hormones.
The male sex hormone that fosters the development of male sex characteristics and is connected with the sex drive.
Inguinal Canal
A fetal canal that connects the scrotum and the testes, allowing their descent.
The condition defined by undescended testes.
Klinefelter Syndrome
A sex-chromosomal disorder caused by an extra X sex chromosome.
Gender Identity
One's belief that one is male or female.
Sex Assignment
The labeling of a newborn as a male or female. Also termed gender assignment.
A person who possesses the gonads of one sex but external genitalia that are ambiguous or typical of the other sex. (Also termed pseudohermaphrodite.)
A person who possesses both ovarian and testicular tissue.
Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia
A form of intersexualism in which a genetic female has internal female sexual structures but masculinized external genitals.
Androgen-Insensitivity Syndrome
A form of intersexualism in which a genetic male is prenatally insensitive to androgens such that his genitals are not normally masculinized.
Dominican Republic Syndrome
A form of intersexualism in which a genetic enzyme disorder prevents testosterone from masculinizing the external genitalia.
People who strongly desire to be of the strongly desire to be of the other sex and live as a person of the other sex.
Gender Dysphoria
A sense of incongruity between one's anatomic sex and one's gender identity.
Homosexual Transsexuals
Extremely feminine gay males who seek sex reassignment.
Autogynephilic (aw-toe-gone-uh-FEE-lick)
Descriptive of transsexuals who are sexually stimulated by fantasies that their own bodies are female.
The surgical procedure of creating an artificial penis.
A fixed, conventional idea about a group of people.
Gender Roles
Complex clusters of expectations for males and females to behave.
The prejudgment that, because of her or his sex, a person will possess negative traits.
Female-Superior Position
A coital position in which the woman is on top.
Male-Superior Position
A coital position in which the man is on top.
Gender Typing
The process by which children acquire behavior that is deemed appropriate to their sex.
In psychoanalytic theory, the process of incorporating within ourselves our perceptions of the behaviors, thoughts, and feelings of others.
Oedipus Complex
According to psychoanalytic theory, a conflict of the phallic stage in which the boy wishes to possess his mother sexually and perceives his father as a rival in love.
The process of guiding people into socially acceptable behavior patterns by means of information, rewards, and punishments.
Concept; way of interpreting experience or processing information.
Gender Stability
The concept that people retain their genders for a lifetime.
Gender Constancy
The concept that people's genders do not change, even if they alter their dress or behavior.
Gender Schema
A cluster of mental representations about male and female physical qualities, behaviors, and personality traits.
Psychological Androgyny
A state characterized by possession of both sterotypical masculine traits and stereotypical feminine traits.