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Defining Sexual Behavior
Potential for Reproduction
Involves the genitals
produces sexual pleasure/ orgasm
involves erotic, sensual thoughts or feelings.
common, normal, benign, aesthetic, legal, sanctified
uncommon, abnormal, harmful, distasteful, illegal, condemned
Coitus Behavior and Social value
viewed as "natural sex" in the US.
most occuring partner sexual activity in all adult age groups.
basis of definition of viginity
ineffective in producing orgasm in most females
Potentially the most reproductive mode
common coital positions
missionary position (man on top) [ventral-ventral]
Woman on top
rear entry (man behind) [dorsalventral]
reasons for coital positions
increase probability of conception (man on top)on back with hips elevated for an extended period of time.
Accomidating different levels of physical energy.
control of stimulation of penis and clitoris(woman on top)
free hands
potential to damage penis
Masturbation (autoerotic sex)
Prevelance in all age groups of males and females.
gender differences in adults (90% males; 60-70% females)