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Primary Neurulation Defects

Defect-failure of closure of majority of the rostral neural tube, complete arrest of brain development. neural plate is open, and posterior mesodermal elements are absent

Medical Problems-incompatable with life
Primary Neurulation Defects

Defect-spina bifida, neural plate does not close, focal area on external part of the lower back, failure to close the dorsal spine. apreta, open lesion, occulta defects covered with skin

Medical Problems-skin dimples, lipomas, hairy patches, hemangiomas, appendages
Primary Dysjunction

Dermal Sinue Tracts
Defect-separation of neural tube for overlying ectoderm.

Medical Problems-tracts in skin to spinal canal, anomalies to normal area
Premature Dysjunction

Spinal Cord Lipomas
Defect-unknown cuase. early separation of neural tube for overlying ectoderm, entry of mesenchymal tissue into neural tube, ectoderm closes.

Medical Problems-skin is normal, large lipomas extend from subcut tissues to spinal cord.
Secondary Neurulation Defects

Lipoma of Filum Terminale
Defect-Failure of regression of filum leads to fat formation, leading to lipomas of the filum.

Medical Problems-signs and symptoms of lower extermity, bowel and bladder.
Secondary Neurulation Defects

severe form of terminal filum lipoma, with cystic dilation of teh conus medullaris.
Post Neurulation Defects

central nervous system structures hernites throug defect in calavarium.

occur in areas of mesenchymal disruption

epi and treatment
teratogen casued. lower extremity dysfunction (depending at level), bowel and bladder incontinenece, hydrocephalus, hindbrain abnormalities, orthopedic abnormailties.

1/2000 live births, (folic acid sup helps) experimental evidence is limited

1. prevent infection
2. continous layer of skin over lesion, decompressing CSF closing the dura, and closing the skin,

shunt catheter, drains CSF

fetal surgery