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Are you able to name and describe the three major ethical systems we have discussed in class, both the philosophical and theological names?
Moral Absolute
Weighing Good/Bad
Virtue Ethics
Acts aim toward a goal
Basic Goods Theory
Human Flourishing
Virtue Ethics
Critique of Deontology?
supports divine postivism
that is god makes the rules
Developer of Deontology?
Developer of Utilitarianism/Consequenctialism?
John Stewart Mill
Jeremy Bentham
Developer of Virtue Ethics(P)?
Developer of BGT?
German Grisez
Developer of Proportionalism?
Dan Curran
Joseph Selling
Richard McCormick
Developer of Virtue Ethics(T)?
Stanley Haverwas
Servay Pinkaers
Alisdar McIntyre
Critique of Utilitarianism?
No intrisnically evil acts
Critique of Virtue Ethics?
Acts aim at some goods to make us happy (What makes
people happy isnt always
Formulations of the Categorical Imperative?
1) Act as though what you do would become universal law.
2) People should be treated as ends in themselves & "NEVER AS" as ameans
Example from scripture that is analogous to Deontology?
Law is a duty/obligation
Four Sources?
Scripture, Tradition, Reason, Experience
What source is important for BGT?
Tradition and Scripture because it supports divine positivism
What source is important for proporttionalism?
Experience and Reason because of human flourishing
what source is important for virtue ethics?
Reason becuase it is rational to it
3 fonts of moral act
Intention, Object (what was done), Circumstances
Single pre-requisite
Free will and/or freedom
Two conditions that constitute an intrinsically evil act?
fundamental purpose. who has the right?
four condtions of PDE?
1. action itself must be good or indifferent.
2. my motive must be to achieve the good effect.
3. The good effect must not occur by means off the bad effect
4. there must be a proportionate reason for tolerating the evil act.
Ethical system more inclined to PDE?
Deontology because deontologists wants the PDE. Not Utilitariansim because they are more interested in consequences. Not Virtue Ethics because they dont know what they want to be.
Examples of intrinsically evil acts?
Direct Killing and lying
Four Models by Ian Barbour
Independence-->both address
issues no
raises ?'s that it
cant answer--> ?'s
that religion
usually address
between both
What is Law?
Law is a rule of conduct given by a competent and responsible authority, to promote the common good