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Cultural Geography?
The study of living cultures
The study of past cultures
Likes to be with other people (we naturally want to be in groups that are similar to us)
Cultural Diffusion?
Borrowing from other cultures- food, clothihng styles etc.; spread of culture to another area
Process by which a person from another culture adopts traits of another culture
Umreasonable attitude or bias against a group or culture based on supposed characteristics
Personal, distorted judgement that influences objective perception; one-sided
Over-simplified, commonly held opinion of a person or a group; often a composite of traits; generalizations about an entire group
Believing that one's own culture is the best or even better that others; negative if extreme; positive if establishes self-pride
A fear of foreigners or things foreign
What are humans basic needs?
Food/water, shelter, clothing, defense, defence, transportation, sprituallity
Language, religious beliefs, values, customs, and other ways of life shared by a group of people
Cultural Trait?
A behavoral characteristic of a people, such as a language, skill, or custom, passed from one gerneration to another
Tools and skills that people need to use them; the practical use of scientific skills, especially in the indusrty
Cultural landscape?
A landscape that has been changed by human beings that reflects their culture
Farming; includes growing crops and raising livestock
Social Structure?
The ways in which people within a culture are oragnized intop smaller groups; each smaller group has its own paticular tasks
Nuclear Family
A family unit that includes a mother, a father, and their children
Extended family?
A family unit that may include parents, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and other relatives, other living with or near eachother
The standards or code of moral behavior that distingushes between right and wrong for a paticular person, religion, group, profession, etc.
A system for producing, distributimg, consuming, and owning goods, services, and wealth
A person who makes products that are used by other people
Products that are made to be sold: cars, baskets, computers, and paper are some examples of goods
Work done or duties performed for other people
A person who buys goods and services
An economic system in which people and privatly owned companies own both basic and nonbasic bussinessess and industries
An economic system in which the government owns most basic industries such as transportaion, communications, and banking.
A theory of government in which property such as farms and factories is owned by the government for the benefit of all citizens
the system that establishes and enforces laws and institutions in society
Direct Democracy?
A system of government in which the people participate directly in deision making
A system or authoritarian government headed by a monarch- usually a king or queen who inherits the throne by birth
A set of laws that defines and limits a governments power
Representative democracy?
A system of government in which the people elect representatives to run affairs of the country
A ruler who has complete power over a country
What are four important developments in human culture?
Invention of tools, discovery of fire, growth of agriculture, and the use of writing
What is the basic unit of a culture?
The family
What are 3 important features of a culture?
Language, Religions and beliefs, Social groups
What are 3 types of economice systems?
Capitalism, Socialism, and communism
What are three things that cause culture to change?
Change in enviorment, a new idea, or technology
What is global village?
A term used for the people of Earth; referring to the way people are connected by modern transportation and communication