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What are the three purposes and uses of the laws:
1. Stability of property
med records, creditors
2. Transference of property by consent
merge pract, take a life pt consent? Tort Law
3. Performance on promises
malprac insur, strike, antitrust, negligence
_____ is a legal system depends on precedent cases and compares them to others, law reflects past decisions
"stare decisis"
__ is "a grant of some priviledge property or authority by the government or sovereign of a country to one or more individuals"
What are the three stages of technological change:
1. Invention
2. Innovation
3. Diffusion
____ is creation of a new product or process for producing a product. creates a new property right. Very difficult to forcast.
__ is making new technology commercially available, more efficient or better prod may destroy existing, no entitlement to success, uses the learning curve or experience curve to forcast
Innovation humane genome project)
The ____ or ___ is used to forcast rate of invention. Uses regression analysis. Shows how average costs fall as more of a god or service become available. Loglinear
learning or experience curve
__ is the adoption and spread of a new technology. greater adoption defrays cost and grows the business (increase property) uses S-curve to forcast
The ____ or ____ used to forcast diffusion. Early stages of product cycle reflects rate of diffusion
S curve or logistic curve
4 parts of product cycle
introductory period
____ is genetic engeneering technology, early 80s manufacture large quantities proteins DNA recombinant drugs
__human theraputics, diagnostics
__magic bullets attch to specific foreign body uses hybridoma
monoclonal antibodies
___drugs that use synthetic segments of genetic code to inhibit disease related genes
antisense drugs
High fixed costs lead to ________
declining average costs
____ represents unit costs at a given time for different possible outputs
average cost curve
management of clinics, management of client care, negoti 3rd party payors, negot with govern, and gatekeeper and all docs are roles of which professional?
management of large staff, planning new services, red tape and cost control, insurance claims, case managers admin, and phDs are roles of which professional?
who pays and role of patents monopoly are?
s negative reaction
insurance and ideal selection
moral repercussions and screening
preventative med, specialization, sub geneticists for oncologists
changing role of doctors
intellectual property, rights of employees
legal problems
doctor bankruptcies
creative destruction