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What is skill based behaviour?
A second nature skill that can be executed without conscious thought.
What is rule based behaviour?
Behaviour following procedures which require conscious thought.
What is knowledge based behaviour?
Behaviour based on knowledge and experience which requires conscious thought. (e.g. when to initiate a missed approach)
What are the four steps of Judgement?
How long does sensory memory hold information?
Visual - 1 second,
Sound - 5 seconds.
What 3 types of information are found in the long term memory?
Motor Skills.
What is situational awareness?
The process of maintaining a mental model that compares with the real world situation.
What is selective attention?
Whe inputs are sampled.
What are the 7 Factors affecting information processing?
Time, Illness, Stress, Hangover, Hypoxia, Accuracy, Distractions.
What are the mental symptoms of stress?
Making mistakes,
Reverting to basic skills.
What are the physiological symptoms of stress?
Pale Face,
Heart Beats Faster,
Breathing rate increases,
What factors affect a persons tolerance to hypoxia?
Drug effects,
Cold temperatures,
Carbon Monoxide Inhalation.
What are the symptoms of hypoxia?
Drunk Like symptoms,
Blue Lips and fingernails.
What are the times of Useful Consciousness?
18,000 - 15 to 30 mins
22,000 - 5 to 10 mins
25,000 - 3 to 5 minutes
35,000 - 45 to 75 seconds
45,000 - 9 to 15 seconds.
Factors affecting times of useful consciousness?
Physical Activity,
Cold body temperatures.
What causes decompression sickness?
When body tissue can no longer retain nitrogen in solution so it enters the bloodstream.
At what altitudes does the likelihood decompression sickness increase.
18,000 - Quite Likely
25,000 - Very Likely
How can the risk decompression sickness be reduced?
Breathing in pure oxygen prior to the flight.
What type of people are more suceptible to decompression sickness?
Elderly and overweight people.
What are the symptoms of The Bends?
Joint Pain,
Tingling / Paralysis of body parts,
Problems with coordination.
What are the flying after diving rules?
If less than 10m dive - 12 hours
If over 35m dive - 48 hours.
If flying above 8,000ft - 48 hours.
How do you treat The Bends?
Recompression in a compression chamber.
How high can you fly when transporting someone with the bends?
Lower than 500ft AMSL
What are the cones in you eyes responsible for?
Recieving bright light energy,
Sharp vision of fine detail,
Registering Colour
What are the rods in your eyes responsible for?
Recieving weak light evergy,
Night vision,
Detecting movement,
Preipheral Vision.
What effects does Positive 'G' have on vision?
Loss of Colour,
Loss of Peripheral vision,
Blurred Vision,
Total loss of vision (blackout)
What type of lens do short sighted people need?
Concave Lens
What type of lens do long sighted people need?
Convex Lens
How long does it take for the cones to shutdown at night?
7 Minutes
How long does it take to reach 1/2 Night vision and Full Night Vision?
10 Mins for Half,
30 Mins for Full.
Do you rely on your instruments or your senses when suffering from black hole phenomenon?
What are the three different orientation systems?
Balance Organs (vestibular apparatus),
Where are the balance organs located?
The inner ear.
What are the two parts of the balance organs?
Semicircular Canals,
Otolith Organ
What type of acceleration to the Semi-Circular canals register?
Angular Acceleration.
What is sub threshold stimulation?
When the semi-circular organs do not pick up small accelerations.
What is The Leans?
When angular acceleration has stopped and the semi-circular canals no longer register any change. (Steady rate of turn)
What two types of acceleration do otolith organs sense?
Head/Body tilt Acceleration,
Linear Acceleration.
What is somatogravic Illusion?
When the otolith organs think they are climbing during rapid acceleration.
What are Proprioceptors?
The body's 'G' meter. (Flying by the seat of your pants)
What is the somatogyral illusion? (graveyard spiral)
The pilot has the leans and believes the aircraft is in a dive so tries to pull up.
Is flying by the seat of your pants recommended?
No, it is almost always fatal.
What causes motion sickness?
Low cockpit activity levels,
How can you reduce motion sickness?
Keep Fit,
Not get overtired,
Eat sensibly,
Relax while flying,
Avoid rough weather,
Keep horizon in sight.
What causes simulator sickness?
When there is a mismatch of information between what the pilot sees and feels.
How can you tell whether you are fit to fly?