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What is psycholinguistics?
understanding of languages, their development and acquisition
what is the main contribution of Chomksy's work?
children's language development is much more complex than simple behaviorist paradigms-learning language because it is rewarded by imitating it
Chomsky believed that language in humans is
native..meaning theres an innate capability to learn it so nature more important than nurture
what is the special mechanism according to chomsky that allowed us to have an innate ability to talk?
Language acquisition device (LAD) left temporal lobe
according to Chomsky what was necessary to activate LAD?
Experience using language (actions). There is a sensitive/critical period for development
Neurologically what is LAD?
Brocas and wernickes area.
women have an apparent better innate ability to learn language at a younger aye than men..why?
corpus callosum is thicker so innervation between two hemispheres is greater than in men..but eventually men catch up
According to Piaget language is not a distinct part of cognition, rather is part of
child's general cognitive development
regarding language, piaget focuses more on
social factors and interaction in language development
Social interaction helps developing intellectual potentials through
symbolism, and pretend play, which arise from perception and action
according to piaget the children begin to manipulate symbols at what age
end of sensoritmotor period. This milestone is essentially the result of children's development of object permanence
Language acquisition sequence
1) creating sounds which leads to understanding of sound
2) learning grammar
3)learning what to say and what not say under different situations
Language development as a whole is a matter of
internalizing the language and actions of others
There are 4 aspects to language knowledge those are
Whats phonology?
Sound system of language
Meaning of words
How to modify and use language in different contexts
What are the stages of language
Preverbal (birth-12months)
1) Single word statement
2)Multiword statement
3)Early Emerging Grammar
4)Later grammar
Preverbal stage involves
Nonpurposeful nonverbal communication
Purposeful nonverbal communication
Nonpurposeful nonverbak communication( birth to 8 months) milestones
Communication is not intentional and children relate to objects and people
1 month; differentiated crying
2 monts; social smiling
5 months; special responsiveness to familiar faces
6 months: babbling, vocalizing with intonation
Purposeful nonverbal communication (8-12 months)
More control over gestures, attending people, vocalizing, directed gaze
10 months; responds to name and basic instructions
12 months; first words, object permanence, symbolic representation, invents words for objects and people
Stage 1 single word statement 12-18 months)
number of years=avg number of words in sentence
12 months; 10 words and their name
18 months; core vocabulary of about 50 words
When is kid ready to move from stage 1
Once invented words are gone and theres been an increase in numbers of words in sentence
The early sign of use of language in an orderly fashioned by
end of multiword statement
Early emerging grammar (2-3years)
growing syntax skills, sentence organization, length and grammar.
see exemples of
declarative, noun prases etc
Later grammar (3-5yrs0
increased sentenced length and complexity; as much as 90% of children's language is developed at this stage
has about 1500 words by age 4
Speech at 6-7yrs
intelligible and socially useful
can tell connected story about picture
understands relationships between objects and actions
Autistic children have disrupted language as well as social disruption which correlates with
their level of language, so social referent is gone.