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1st Stage of childbirth
Typically lasts 12 hours or more for first time, in later births this stage is typically shorter. Regular and increasingly frequent contractions cause cervix to dilate.
2nd Stage of childbirth
Lasts about 1 1/2 hours or less. Begins when baby's head beings to move through cervix into vaginal canal. Ends when baby emerges completely from mother's body
Essay Questions
3rd Stage of Childbirth
Lasts 5 to 30 mins. Placenta and remainder of umbilical cord are expelled from mother
Essay Question
4th Stage of Childbirth
When mother rests in bed while her recovery is monitored
What is the first sense to develop?
Which sense is the least developed at birth?
Erikson's 1st stage is..
Trust vs. Mistrust; They need to develop a balance between trust and mistrust
What is the virtue gained by Erikson's 1st stage?
Hope, the belief that they can fulfill their needs and desires
How can parents help develop for Erikson's 1st stage?
Give sensitive, responsive, consistent care
What is Piaget's 1st stage?
Sensorimotor: Infants learn about selves and their world through sensory and motor activity.
B.F Skinner had what theory?
That the learning of language is based on experience. They learn thru observation, immitation, and reinforcement
Noam Chomsky had what theory?
That the human brain had an innate ability to acquire language
What senses develop in the womb?
Smell & Taste
What sense functions already in the womb?
Social Referencing is...
Understanding an ambiguous situation by seeking out another person's perception of it
Cesarean delivery
a surgical procedure to remove baby from uterus
Name three problems things kids are twice as likely to do if father is not in their life...
Drop out of school
Have emotional problems
Be teen mothers
SIDS is..
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Attachment is
an enduring tie between infant and parent. each contributes to quality of the relationship
Secure Attachment is
When infant cries when parent leaves and is glad to see them when they come back
Child-directed Speech
When you talk to a toddler in a slow, high-pitched voice with exaggerated ups and downs, simplify speech, repeat sentences
Rules 4 forming Sentences in a particular language
Telegraphic Speech
Early form of sentence using only a few essential words
Single word that conveys one thought
Simple type of learning in which familiarity with a stimulus reduces, slows, or stops responses
In Piaget's terminology, able to objectively consider relationships among objects and people