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Precursors of blood vessels
lengethening and remodeling of embryonic blood vessels
Aortic Arches
Paired arteries surrounding the pharynx, portions will go on to form great arterial vessels
Blood Islands
Clusters of cells in the yolk cells, connecting stalk and chorionic villi that form primitive blood vessels
Cardiac Jelly
Gelatenous extracellura matrix that forms middle layer of the heart tube
Ductus Venosum
Shunts most of the blood in the umbilical vein into Inferior Vena Cave. BY BYPASSING THE LIVER SINUSOIDS
Earliest Precursors of blood cells
Incorporation of one structure into another
formation of blood vessels in the embryonic disk
During Cardiovascular development how do blood vessels develop?
Blood Vessels develop within a developming organ. There is apoptosis. The vessels DO NOT migrate once developed, rather they develop in place
Where do the endocardial Tubes develop?
THe endocardial tubes develop in the splanchnopleure. (The surrounding sphere)
REMEMbER: these tubes are NOT the tree layers of the heart. Nor they produce Cardiac Jelly. Cardiac Jelly comes before the Endocardial tube.
During looping the largest portion of the Endocardial tube gives rise to?
Left Ventricle
what Morphological Event is required to separate the common AV canal into right and left canals?
The AV canal enlarges and desplaces to the right so that is can communicate with both right and left ventricles.
Where Does Ostium (FORAMEN) Secundum form perforations?
Septum Premum
The AV Valvle originates from?
Malformations of the Endocardial Cushions can result in?
Persistent AV canal
The Conotruncal septum arises from the?
Bulbar ridges
In the Fetal Circulation where is the Superior vena cava directed to?
Right Ventricle
How is the coronary sinus formed?
End of 4th week, bilateral veins. Three veins develop that deliver (shunt)blood from
left side of embryo to the right horn of sinus venosus. Right horn enlarges; volume of
blood entering left horn diminishes, left horn reduced to the coronary sinus.
How is the sinus venarum formed?
Three major veins deliver blood from left side of embryo to the right horn of sinus
venosus. Right horn enlarges, absorbed into right atrium, becomes smooth walled
sinus venarum.