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Absolute Growth
An increase in size, measured as height, weight or some other parameter. A graph o absolute growth shows a steady increase, which fits in withour ideal growth. We get biger over the irst 18 years of our lives.
Absolute Growth Rate
The amount of growth in a given period of time, usually a year. Since this is the amount of growth that takes place at a particular time, it can decrease as well as increase.
Active Immunity
Immunity that is acheived by the body's own production of antibodies and memory cells. It may be the result of past infection with the disease, or the result of the vaccination
Of an illness, acute means sudden and short lasting.
One of our bases or nucleotides found in DNA and Rna. Complimentry Base Pared with Guanine. It is a purine.
Acquired Immunodeiciency syndrome - This is the result of the collapse of the immune system ollowing an infection with HIV
Anything that can cause an allergic responce
Allergic Responce
A large responce by the immune system to a particular allergen. The allergen has an antigen which combines with antibodies leading to the release o histamine. This may cause the symptoms of hay fever or asthma.
A technique used for geneic screening of a foetus while it is still inside the uterus of the mother. A fine neadle is inserted through the abdominal wall and into the amniotic cavity. Fluid is withdrawn which will contain some oetal cells. These can be used to produce a karyotype and chromosomal abnormalities, such as downs's syndrome, can be spotted
The stage in cell division in which cromtids are pulled a part
Beore Birth
A substance, eg penicillin, which kills bacteria or prevents them growning, but without harming human cells
antibiotic resistance
The ability of bacteria to survive an antibiotic. This happens because when a person takes antibiotics most of the bacteria are killed, but some may be resistant and survive and reproduce, passing on the genes for resistance
A molecule produced by B-Lymphocytes in response to stimulation by an antigen. They destroy or neutralise foreign bodies such as bacteria or viruses. They are also known as immunoglobulins