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Carry blood toward heart
blood vesels that carry blood away from heart
What are the 2 circuits of the heart?
1. Systemic
2. Pulmonary
Systemic Circuit
Blood from Left Ventricle supplies the whole body.

Oxygenated blood
Pulmonary Circuit
De oxygenated blood from Right ventricle goes to the lungs & back to Left atrium
What are some charactersitics of the heart?
- beats overs 100,000 times per day
-pumps 7600 L blood per day
-Mostly behind sternum
What is the posteriorsuperior border of the heart called?
What is the conical tip of the heart called?
Where is the heart located?
Inside the mediastinum & wrapped in pericardium
Secures the heart to anchor it in place and prevent overfilling
Fibrous pericardium
-Outermost layer
-attached to diaphragm
-attached to great vessels on top
Serous pericardium
Inside fibrous pericardium

A double layered serous membrane
What are the 2 layers of the Serous pericardium?
1.Parietal layer
2.Visceral layer
3.In between the 2 layers is serous fluid
What are the 3 layers of the heart wall?
1. Epicardium
2. Myocardium
3. Endocardium
What do Auricles do?
Increase atrial volume
make atria able to expand
What does the Coronary Sulcus do?
Separates atria from ventricles
What does the Interventricular sulcus do?
Separates Left and Right ventricles
What are the 2 cicuits?
1. Pulmonary
2. Systemic
What is the pulmonary trunk?
An artery that delivers blood to lungs (de-oxygenated)
What do the pulmonary veins do?
Blood returning from lungs
Ascending Aorta
Blood going to system
Superior & inferior vena cava
Blood returning from system
Pectinate muscles
ridges in wall of atria
prevent backflow of blood
R AV valve
Between R atrium & R ventricle.
AKA: Tricuspid valve
Papillary muscle
Pull on chordae tendinae to prevent eversion of valve
Trabeculae carne
Muscular ridges of ventricular walls
Pulmonary semilunar valve
between pulmonary trunk & right ventricle
Left AV valve
Between L atrium & L ventricle.
AKA. Bicuspid or Mitral
Aortic Semilunar valve
Between L ventricle & aorta
Interatrial septum
Separates atria
Interventricular septum
Separates ventricles