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A form of government ruled by a king either absolute with his own laws or constitutional following the constitution.
A form of government ruled by small rich families of the minority making laws for the poor majority.
A form of government ruled by few powerful merchant or noble people.
A rule for the people by the people where citizens directly make laws or elect a republic to make the laws for them.
A monotheistic religion that teaches responsibility of personal choices and moral freedom.
A monotheistic religion founded following Jesus that stresses equality of all people.
A monotheistic religion based on the teachings of Muhammad stressing the duty of the individual to the community and individual worth.
A movement stressing classical culture questioning the role of the government and renewing interest in the individual.
A movement that questioned the Catholic Church and stressed individuals to educate themselves and make their own decisions about god.
Common Law
Reflects customs and principles established over time that became the basis of legal system in most English speaking countries.
Magna Carta
The first English document guaranteeing to protect the political and legal rights of an individual and stating the king must govern according to law and get all taxes approved.
Due Process of Law
The right to have law work in known orderly ways and states kings may not arbitrarily punish subjects.
Divine Right
A claim that the king’s power comes from god and is absolute meaning they are responsible only to god, used by kings to ignore the written laws and make his own laws.
Glorious Revolution
A time period where the English parliament gained control over monarchs powers and resulted in parliament controlling who became leader.
A movement of learning and thinking that took ideas of justice and science to question society.
Social Contract
An understanding with the people and leaders that the people will allow leaders to have power to keep arrangement in government.
Natural Rights
Theory that everyone should be able to live, have freedom and land because the authorities power is elected by the citizens, so these rights should be guarded.
Federal System
Separates authority into 2 parts that each have different amounts of control.