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When the first Exchange 2007 server has been deployed in the legacy Exchange organization,
most of the Global Settings that originally were configured on an Exchange 2000 or
2003 server will be _________________
transferred to the exchange 2007 Server automatically.
T/F: Any Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) device policy settings you have enabled on an
Exchange 2003 SP2 server will be transferred to Exchange 2007.
False. you enable any EAS polices you created
on the Exchange 2007 server for the legacy mailboxes you move to the Exchange 2007 server.
organization-level settings should be managed using
_ _ _ tools (EMC or EMS) during the coexistence period.
Exchange 2007 Management
Specifically, what Public Folder does Exchange 2007 no longer use?
Where does it store free/busy information?
Instead, free/busy information is stored
directly in each user’s mailbox and retrieved using a new Web-based service called the Availability Service
What is the advantage of having the Availability service?
no longer any 15-
minute delays when free/busy time for a user is updated. Instead, the update happens
Why would you want to keep the Public Folder database in Exchange 2007?
To accomodate older clients (Outlook 2003 and below). These clients will still need to pull SCHEDULE+ FREE BUSY from the Public Folders
<ACTION> How would you add Exchange 2007 Public Fodler database to the replica list on Ex2003?
HTC: Fig 10.16