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The Hub Transport server replaces the _ _ we know
from Exchange 2000 and 2003,
bridgehead server
All internal messages will pass through the Hub Transport server, even if the
sender and recipient mailbox are located in the same __
AD site
Transport server has a set of transport agents that lets us configure _ and _ that can then be applied as messages pass through the server.
and rules and settings
T/F: Exchange no longer uses the SMTP protocol stack included with Internet Information
Services (IIS),
The new SMTP transport stack is now known as the _ _ _ service(MSExchangeTransport.exe),
Microsoft Exchange Transport
Why have Routing Groups been removed? (3)
1. Connection state agreement issues, possibly causing routing loops.
2. When tracking a message at a given point in time can be confusing becuase link states in the Exchange Topology was never persistent or logged
3. Routing group concept fored Exchange admin to mimic underlying network which is time consuming and/or redundant.
makes use of the AD directory service_ _ to determine how messages are transported
in the organization
site topology
All Hub Transport servers use _ _ when exchanging messages internally in the organization.
secure SMTP
How do Hub Transport Servers ensure that all traffic between Hub Transport servers are authenticated and encrypted?
They use SMTP Transport Layer Security.
Mailbox and Hub Transport servers use _ as the basis of communication,
but that two Hub Transport servers speak _ when exchanging messages.